Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 1 - Zombie Apocalypse

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Hello everyone! Greetings to you all.

Today, I present to you my new artwork for the daily drawing challenge day 1 of January, the first of its kind for the year 2021 with the theme "Apocalypse."


The drawing depicts a female Zombie Apocalypse with red eyes and blood dripping from her mouth. Looks like she just finished devouring her prey.

The work was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. I used scribble technique to create this piece. I found my reference photo here

Below are my steps:




#DDC is a 30-day drawing challenge that was brought up to enable us enhance our creativity, have daily goals, improve our engagement and get to link up with our fellow artist.

If you are an artist and you want to strengthen your skills, do well to join our dailydrawingchallenge challenge. The prompt has been made so that one wouldn't find it difficult to think of what to draw. You can join us any day that suits you.

prompt for the challenge

The Simple Rules
  1. Use the tag #dailydrawingchallenge.
  2. Post on any community of your choice.
  3. You could follow the prompt or sketch your heart out daily.
  4. Use any medium of your choice.
  5. Take time & ejoy your drawing; don't rush it.

Thank you.


@maxwellmarcusart, On the Internet we heard about so many Prophecies of Zombie Apocalypse. In my opinion this picture is the Vision of Zombie Apocalypse. Stay blessed.

Thank you.


I was a little confused as to what to sketch for the first day but all that was on my mind was a zombie but then I couldn't sketch it.
I was checking your blog the whole time to see what you would sketch but I later left and forgot to check again.
This is a good way to start the challenge. I pray I don't miss today's own.

Oh well, I hope you get to be confused for today's own. Pour out your souls into that paper!