Desire (Poetry)


Somewhere in our relationship,
drown in boredom all the bridges,
Lost in between of nowhere,
Before breaking,
Perhaps sometimes drowning,
More than crossing...

Wishes to pass carelessly,
The delicate finger holds,
On all those ancestral paths,
there are sineboard prohibition,
Weighing the rust,
I want to take an adventurous flight,
To the end of the sky...

Laughing with shocking head,
Exactly like that,
Like gravity teases,
Helium filled balloons,
Around every wandering step,
Ethics are perpendicular...

Not every pleasing way goes,
To the comfortable floor,
It is also that every fixed path,
Do not turn around,
Fields of wild desires...

But to fall in love,
And to be crazy lovers,
all primitive desires should cumbersome,
In this afternoon of age,
I want to sow between us,
Lived years ago,
the seeds of stranger and adventure...

Holding the same hand again for some time,
I want to forget every way,
I want to run on stony paths,
Just before losing in the evening dusk...


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