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I thought people were baking and making bread during quarantine, but I guess some people are making boba drinks at home like me!!!
Hmmm I am very Japanese after all 😂 😂 😂
Japanese bubble tea chain starts selling at-home tapioca drink kits

This boba shop, Tapista, in Japan is selling stay at home boba kits like these.

I got a similar kit from Hello Boba friends and it was like this
Different kind of tea leafs, flavored sweet stuff, and lots of powers.
Tapioka wasn't pre-made, dry freeze stuff. I have to actually make from scratch 😱 😱 😱
I had to watch some Youtube videos how to make boba from tapioka powder or something. I had to mix different powders, water and simple syrup and them boiled them and stuff. 2 hours later, I got something like this
Except mine was not that pretty, it was more like poopy so I didn't take pictures lol maybe next time.

Did you know?

I thought boba was naturally dark brown but actually it's not.
Brown sugar is added to the power mix or boiled in the sugar water or something to get that dark color, but I like my clear white boba delish 😋 and the texture was better.

If you are interested in kaing boba at home, you can get the kits here.


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