Revenge is Onions... Tons of Red Onions 😋

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I don't do Chinese but...
"女子网购1吨洋葱送前男友:我哭了3天,这下该你哭了 前男友的回复亮了" 👇

"Women buy 1 ton of onions to send to ex-boyfriend: I cried for 3 days, now you should cry. The ex-boyfriend's reply is bright"

I thought this was kind of delicious... I mean cute 😂
This guy dumped his girlfriend and the girlfriend sends onions, but the real question is who is going to cut the onions? 🤣 🤣 🤣

Apparently, the girl's got money and creating a onion shortage in the area... or not.
And the boyfriend's neighbors are also crying about this incident because...
His apartment building "leeks" 😝

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Nice!!! I’m still learning too 😆

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