Apology Letter to The Feisty General, Serpent of The Flame, and A Verse for you & Crew - Fang Over Fang

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Well what do you know, looks like I'm still quite proficient with the Fire Splinter. For the longest time now, I'd been mostly ignoring it unless it came to quests(Even then it would take hours upon hours before I could finish them.) since my Death, Earth and Dragon Splinters tend to be more devastating. Water too to a certain extent.

But for the 2 or 3 seasons, things have changed. I'm winning my fire battles and quests much more now, even often using it for the sake of it since I've realized it's so ideal for some rulesets like Slow battles and when Legendaries are not allowed. Yup, it sure feels great to have found my groove back with my fire splinter, specially considering it's arguably my less leveled up deck.

It's bittersweet really. Like someone who gets to the top having started from the bottom then forgets who helped him on his way up, I'd forgotten who was my main bread winner when I was just starting my splinterlands journey.

And for that I'm sorry. To make up for my insolence, one of these weeks when I'm balling I'll level you guys up get you drunken on crystals. Not the whole crew of course, but in due time, probably. But until then, as the newcomer Yodin will be getting dibs, I have a feeling we'll have more blasts with him around.

Fang Over Fang:

We've had some blasts in the past,
Enemies blood boiled at our sight,
Those who froze not in their steps
Couldn't help but praise our might
With their last breaths,

Fang over fang until night's end,
We only settled for destructions
Of scale even when opponents
Would give in, and I miss it,

So until next time we meet my friends,
Keep your skills and shields polished,
Soon we head for the battlefield,
Godspeed to our enemies.


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Very well written