At Last, The Champion's League, Orb Shopping Spree. And Oh, It's Aliiiiive!

in hive-13323 •  3 months ago 

Well this week has started off rather well if I do so say myself. First off, I woke up to a huge upvote. Then some time in the afternoon I went to town looking for a phone repair shop to see if by some miracle my phone could be brought back to life... My phone is officially back in business, feels like I have regained piece of me.

And then for the creme de la creme event;

Champion III League:

I finally joined the Champion's League secret society for the first time, a membership which I hope to renew every season from now on, hope I'm not jinxing it. Anyways, I won't go too much into it. Just know I'm quite ecstatic due to this achievement, those who have been here know, those who haven't shall one day, maybe even this season but until then, had to cope myself some orbs to congratulate myself.

Orb Shopping Spree:

I got 5 five orbs at first, then ended up buying at least another 5 after that. Sadly, I didn't get much worth braging about. Sure I would get an epic here, a common or rare goldie over there but overrall, nothing too exciting. Still, my best pull.


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