Today's Golden Loot and Orb Legendary

in hive-13323 •  3 months ago  (edited)

My daily rewards have been meh for the last few days so much so that they weren't even worth considering screenshoting. Ok except for yesterday's where I caught an orb but today things got a bit more interesting.

Hopefully they keep on getting more interesting as the season advances, and that I'm rewarded with a GFL at the end of it. Anyways;

The Loot:




Orb Opening:

And in the orb I got this legendary!


I then proceeded to buy 3 more orbs but nothing too interesting there. Oh well, maybe next time. Stay battling;


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Nice haul my man. Nice one. You kicked my ass on the battle field, we have to rematch one of these days

Cheers man. And about the rematch, just tell me when you ready for another beating. :p Hehehehe

This is awesome pull..