Splinterlands - Few purchases and Updates on Cards I Got

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Hello Friends,


I got to purchase few Untamed packs both from Splinterlands market and from hive-engine.
hive-engine.com gives an additional option to purchase packs at much cheaper price using hive or HBD and to be frank, I got some of the Legendary monsters from the packs purchased on hive-engine or previously steem-engine.com
This time also, I was lucky to get a Legendary, a Gold Foiled Summoner and an epic monster as well along with some notable other monster cards.

Here we go with the screenshots of cards first followed by the details for the same.


There you see that Legendary Cornealus, my second and hopefully, I will get one more soon to upgrade the card and get those thorns attached to it ;).
Other notables from above cards details are, Fire Elemental, which just needs an upgrade to increase it's health from 2.

Child of the Forest is another one and it's upgrade to level 3 will give a 2 ranged sniper attack, which is very good for a 3 MANA card which also comes with 5 speed from level 1.


Here you can see that Gold Foiled Summoner in Wizard of Eastwood.

Any Gold Foiled Summoner is nice to have as it gives that extra option earning some additional DEC.

Nothing much notable in other cards apart from that Gold Foiled one.



In this last set of cards I am showing, you can see that, there is an Epic Coral Wraith and couple of Summoners in Mother Khala and Drake of Arnak.

Also, there are those couple of ranged monsters in Goblin Chariot and Mantoid.

Oh yeah, as I wrote about Mantoid, I got a Gold Foiled Mantoid from a pack received from @carrieallen for correcting something from the twitter regarding @splinterlore and here are the cards I got!!!


And yet another Summoner Mother Khala there as well!!!

It's all a good day with packs opening for last 3 days and we don't have 3 days for the season ending, infact, the season is ending tomorrow and I am sure you are all excited to see some good monsters from the season end rewards, me too ;)

That's all from me now guys, working on a drawing, hopefully, I will create a blog soon before my season end rewards blog.

Have a Good Day and get ready for Season End Rewards :)


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Thanks for the votes, comments and resteems.

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