Casual Splinterlands Player's Daily Report, May 30th 2020, Part 2 - Going for top diamond

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I am playing the last quest of the season while simultaneously writing this report. It's almost midnight and I want to be in bed before the clock ticks twelve.

Yes, the fifth win in seven matches with the Water splinter.

Now, I am 39 points short to reach the DIamond I league.

Play on ...

Nope, won't do it tonight. It's already past midnight and I am moving backwards.

It looks like everybody is trying to catch the last train.

Many games later I am 83 points away. Let's do this in the morning. It's still plenty of time. Almost sixteen hours.


Four decent cards out of seventeen chests.

I don't expect there will be any upgrades.

Play you tomorrow.

Better and better

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