The Mystical Sea Monster and It's Extbdraordinary Power

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Hi splinterlords and splinterladies, happy Sunday to you all. Being the second Sunday of the year, I am very excited. I want to say a big thank to moderators of this weekly contest. They are doing the best to make splinterlands the best online game of its time. It is given the splinterlands lovers opportunity to earn money aside from the game. I want to say big thank to you all.
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It is believed that Sea monster is a legend in the sea kingdom, threatening the ships in the ancient world. The account of people that saw sea monster in 17 century said, "it is a deadly creature that made some ships to capsized. It as extraordinary creature with extraordinary power that some sailors have written about "how the monster have devoured human beings who are traveling from one region to another".
A group of missionaries traveling also saw this monster when they were traveling. They weren't said anything good about the monster. All the account written about sea monster were saying it is 'devouring monster'.
I came into conclusion that this monster is a mythological creatures in sea with extraordinary power to destroyed.
I saw a similar picture looks like the picture of sea monster we in splinterlands.

SEA MONSTERS: Sea monster has 4 melee attack at level 1 to level 3, and 5 melee attack at level 4 to 10. Sea monster has the lowest speed of 1 and highest speed of 3 at high level. It does not have any armor but have a life span like methuselah- at lower level it has 8 and at the highest level it has 12. The speed of this monster is what killed me in most battles. Before it attacks, it has already being killed because of the speed.

Sea monster has two abilities- increase Health and thorns. At every level, it has ability to increase health and when hit with melee attack, does damage back to the attacker. This abilities is what made me to bought it the first time I saw it in the battle.

*Standard: No modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics.
*Mana cap: 30

PSX_20210110_180412.jpg To watch the battle click here

*Sea Monster: I was scared because if my opponent has monsters with high speed, my Sea Monster would have brought down at first stage. I place it as my attacking monster because no other monsters I selected that was capable of attacking. The Melee was also another factors I preferred it to attack and according to the rule of the battle, the best place to function is 'attacking'. Any place order than attacking it would remain dormant.

*Captain Ghost: I used captain ghost here to stop any monster that gives health to attacking monster. I knew the best way for me to win is to stop any monster from giving or increasing health. Also the magic attack is another option I preferred to used it as my second monster. Captain ghost can also attack if unfortunately the attacking monster is destroyed.
*Crustacean: I thought of supporting sea monster of getting more health. Crustacean is the best to do this job. It also has one range attack to support the Battle.

*Ice Pixel: to balance my Mana and be able to use creeping ooze, I used ice Pixel here. It only has 2 health and with one strike; it would be eliminated in the battle. Therefore, I placed it here to hide it away from any melee and range attack.

*Creeping Ooze: I knew this will be very useful in this battle. I don't want my Sea Monster to be eliminated during the battle. Therefore, I used creeping Ooze to reduced the speed of opponent monsters. That was the only job I used it to do.

*Water Elemental: I used this water monster here because of the high speed and ability to increase health. Unfortunately, it doesn't show the level 4 I bought, instead; it showed level 3. I used it there so that it can keep increasing health even though it is strikes behind. But there were no Monster that battle from behind.

PSX_20210110_183639.jpg When I saw kraken, I was shocked because it draws attention of all monsters together but I was also happy because of captain ghost on my side. Kraken was attacked by captain ghost which caused the crustacean to stopped given it health.


Kraken was brought down, the rest monsters of the opponent were exposed to serious attack which brought the Battle to an end at round 3. At round 2, 3 monsters of opponent were brought down.


This is final of the battle.

This is my rewards for the battle.


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