Social Media Challenge : Who is the wisest?

Hi, guys! I think everyone is thrilled with the recent updates of Splinterlands, but as I am writing this blog, I haven't encountered the new update of having 3 battle rules in a challenge. So while I wasn't troubled by the latest update I would like to share how I enjoyed having Possibilus the Wise.

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I just discovered that the word Splinter is a break or cause to break into small sharp fragments, and I have realized something that the group behind this Splinterlands is good and has properly planned the future of the game. As you would follow the stories behind every lore, is like a movie or series you keep an eye on.

How was I able to use Possibilus the Wise?

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So, @xykorlz delegated it to me. He is very keen on choosing the cards. I can see the passion in his works for dealing with everything about Splinterlands. As a matter of fact, he was the reason why I joined and liked the game. (Not because I liked him, too.) 😁 Kidding aside, we had been supportive of each other and had each other's backs even here on Splinterlands (Well more of him has my back). He is the @xykorlz the wise. 🤣

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Somehow, the buying of this card has blasted the roof. As you check here in you will see the graphs shot up many times and owning one will be a great honor.

Possibilus the wise versus Thaddius Brood

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Proceeding to the battle round, the rulesets have shown poison and scattershot. Though Possibilus the Wise has more impact on melee attacks, I took my chances thinking the enemy might use ranged or magic attacks to take advantage of scattershot, but I focused on the poison rule giving my cards an increase in health and a trample prowess with a bonus of reachability. Well, I still used ranged and magic attackers since they have high health and I can fully defeat the enemy with the help of scattershot and put it in my own advantage.


possibilus the wise round 1.png

This round started by activating the debuffs, poison (which will start on the next round), and demoralize, thus decreasing the possible damage that I will give to my enemy. Though I used a summoner that supports melees, I took advantage of my monster's health another reason why I chose a water summoner is that they have higher health compared to others. Though I put, Wavebrood as a decoy with his taunt ability, it doesn't affect scattershot. My plan for that did not work, sad to say.
During this round, my Goblin Mech would have penetrated the enemy's Elven Defender if not because of Disintegrator's demoralization. But thanks to my Sea Monster with Possibilus the Wise's added reachability, he was great support and decreased the enemy's tank to 4 giving another decrease of health from the poison on the next round.


possibilus the wise round 2.png

As we all know, in this round, the poison will be triggered and ruin the lives of every monster we have. 🤣 The enemy might be thinking, that Riftwing will be his advantage once my monsters are killed due to poison because of his scavenger ability, but he did not realize having high health is always the choice you make for countering the poison.

possibilus the wise round 2.1.png

Now that my Goblin Mech has attacked the enemy, the first tank died and switched on the trample ability, and killed another Riftwing.

possibilus the wise round 2.2.png

Now it's my Sea Monster's time to attack, after Oshannus and Water Elemental and again, it triggered the trample ability attacking Cursed Windeku and Disintegrator leaving 2 monsters for the enemy behind.

possibilus the wise round 3.png

As every round started, my monsters just stared at Supply Runner and Dhampir Stalker as they were devoured by the fatal poison.


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What have I learned with the strategies I made?

If the battle rules is scattershot and poison, choose Possibilus the Wise (if you don't have Scarred Llama Mage, since this will always the best option for poison rule as well as its last stand truely bring the highest damage if cards are properly chosen especially using Khron the Undying, with his name itself, it is undying in the last stand wew) and always have high health cards. With the additional health of Possibilus the Wise it will surely give you the same kind of win I had. 😉

You can watch this video and enjoy every detail of it!

PS. (Not a part of splinterlands though)

It has been a while since I haven't made two posts in a row here in Splinterlands, yet I was inspired by @xykorlz because of his dedication and hard work with this game as well as his vision for the hive community. I was also inspired by the movie I watched the other day. It was titled Julie and Julia. It was about an aspirant chef with whom I relate. I see myself as the protagonist, especially with her passion for cooking and the way she uses blogging to share her thoughts. I've been having mental blocks lately, and I'm not sure what to share here in Peakd, but this time I'll start slowly, even if only in small paragraphs.


Have fun and spread good vibes!

What's up Hivers! How is your splinterlands gaming? If you happened to scroll here in my blog but don't have an account yet you can click this here , for the referral.

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Thank you for your continued encouragement throughout the years. This blog has very inspirational and heartfelt content.

You are aware of my challenges in finding a good balance between my career and gaming. I'll always be your biggest advocate and lover. brilliant work as always! 💜 ❤️


Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

Seems like you are enjoying the game pretty much. Keep it going! I am sort of excited about what new features gets added to the battle rules !