Battlefield // Official Music for Splinterlands

in Splinterlands16 days ago

Images from Pixabay and digitally manipulated in Studio Artist.

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Wow! Another masterpiece! I love this!

Yo! This is so freakin cool! And here I was thinking all you did was artwork lol
Would be so cool to have this integrated into Splinterlands some how but for now I can listen on another device while playing this solid game.

Spot on sound track.

Good job on the music!

It's has an unique vibe, I like it!

Splinterlands is lucky to have you! I've been listening to the NieR:Replicant soundtrack on repeat and I could totally imagine you making something like that from this and what I've heard from you before.

Amazing! Are content creators allowed to play this music during Splinterlands streams/videos? If so, how should we properly credit it?