It finally happened. A Splinterlands GL card.

in Splinterlands7 months ago

After joining in week one of the original game. Thousands of rewards cards and hundreds of packs bought and traded over that time. I finally turned over an illusive GOLD LEGENDARY card. I thought this day would never come but with the recent events on STEEM I've been powering down some of my stake and decided to buy up some of the untamed packs with i as I expect the price to drop fairly soon once people start dumping big stakes.

with that in mind I couldn't resist the 110 pack deal going on splinterlands today and went for it before the end of season.

I have been drifting further and further down the ranks over the past few months and have decided that I need to adapt some of the untamed cards into my deck to keep up with other players and get back towards Diamond ! on a regular basis. This has been a struggle over recent times due to how many new and varied strategies there are out there from the extra cards.

Even without finding the beautiful gem in the center I have to say that this was probably my best opening ever with a good sprinkling of gold and legendaries throughout the cards. Lots to work with going forward anyway.






I still remember playing back in the days of setting up manual matches on a third party site and trying to organize them over discord. Not sure how long ago that was but a good while all the same. Time to put these to use and try to sneak a couple of places before bed. Enjoy the end of season.


Oh nice. DARK HA'ON gold is around 75$ in market. That is 19700 dec approximately.

I would say that is awesome considering you bought 110 packs for 200000 dec.

But I wonder if it is possible to find buyers for gold legendaries or even upgrade them yourself.

Great card but I don't know if there is any market for those expensive ones. I would like to keep it but for $75 I'm along way towards another 110 packs and possibly even more good cards. It would be nice to keep rolling it over.

Good luck for the next opening.

Nice find, also a nice card! It's on my hit list for ones to level up.

It is tempting isn't it... every powerdown to go buy some more monsters cards....

I actually just resisted and converted my entire last PD to BTC.

Just made it to Champions for the first time ever. That's me done for this season.

I notice you got a gold Truth Speaker in there too - one of my faves.

I do enjoy a good card opening session, I might go in for one next PD. Trying to be disciplined though.

I'll still hold about half of my STEEM and let it build in the background but like you I plan to but some bitcoin, eth and maybe BAT with the other half. It's hard not to buy more cards though when it's just sitting there.
I could almost smell champions this season and got within 40 points of it. Unfortunately after fighting against the tide for a couple of hours I gave up about 100 points away. Haven't made it up there since the early days so was surprised to even be within reach.

Congrats on getting up there as the top level is so tough against maxed decks. Mine isn't close to that so have to try and out smart them a lot of the time just to get high in diamond against better decks.

I'll do a bit of selling and maybe try for one more opening session before buying other crypto's.

I can recommend Mimosa Nightshade for assistance in getting to Champions - I have a relatively crap Death deck, but she makes a massive difference with high mana battles!

Congratulations, I also got a legendary gold one just a month ago, after 2 years and a little more playing this game. I also got my first golden epic days ago. It is rare that after more than two years, in just one month I got cards that never came out before. Congratulations again.

Tanks man. Glad you found a couple of them as well. It's nice after so long to hit a couple of big ones to strengthen the deck as competition is fierce.