Splinterlands Rare Card Giveaway

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Hello everyone,

Okay, time to give away a card so I will do that first. It was from this post
The winner is.

20210113 21_46_06Window.png

Congrats to @gregory-f I hope it helps you a little.

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Each week I ask you guys a question and you have to answer to win the card. I always read them all but don't always reply. You have to answer the question or you won't be in the draw. I don't care what you say but it has to be an answer that makes sense. Trying to avoid bots.

What do you think about this card?


You might have missed the Post this is the next airdrop for those that buy the packs.

The giveaway is only on hive.

I like the card for the team. They have some good cards to use this one. I am not happy because I don't have the right summoner to use it. So this will just be one more card that I have to fight a lot.

Now for what most of you want to know. What card can you win this week?

20210113 21_48_01Window.png

The Mushroom Seer is a good Card I think.


First, it is nice to have close combat because sometimes when its your last monster on the field and it is ranged, its a lost. Second, I think the thorns is nice in a all melee monsters have sneak ruleset.

@tipu curate

I do like the fact that having a ranged attack card that can be used in the first position as handy, particularly when melee card might not be able to be used so placing this is handy, that and the fact that attack is high compared to use of mana is good as well as it doesn't break the bank to use,
Another advantage of placing it in the front/back position is the thorns ability will hit an opponent back and that is much more handy in deciding if the game is to be won or lost.

Otherwise when put with a good tank and the right summoner it can make this card Unstoppable.
just wish I had one
maybe one day :)

Having a range card you can use in the first slot is really good. I will put it after my mellee monsters.


Thank you the Luminous Eagle!

Beatrix looks like a great card. Her Close Range ability along with Thorns makes her a good second rank fighter or in the last position, she can protect the rear from Sneak attacks.

For me I think she is very powerful. I always want to get the card. Every times I always wish to have her card when I done with my quest. I will try to ask my dad if I can buy that. I really love the way she look. My sister wants to be like her. I hope my dad say yes.

It's okay. I expect it will see some play, though at the Bronze level it doesn't seem too broken. Granted, Earth is already a strong Splinter there.

Beatrix is quite a new time card, a new tech in the game named Close Range ability. I am pretty sure it changes a lot in strategies as a ranged attacker with a great dmg in 1st position is welcomed in many situations.

Close Range ability is making her OP. Definitely important card for every Earth team.

Okay, the first thing I thought when I saw the card:
She's wearing a mask. So she will be the Coronavirus airdrop forever.
But the stats are really good. It's a good playable card. I own one now.

Beatrix is a great card that can also be used in the top positions. Thanks to the introduction of this card the possible strategies increase

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Beatrix is a great card that can also be used in the top positions. Thanks to the introduction of this card the possible strategies increase