Tokenized my Hand Drawing of "MALRIC INFERNO" to NFT SHOWROOM

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Hi there Lovely and Creative people of Hive world,
Hope you all are fine and having great day

I tokenized my hand drawing of #splinterlands game character to my #nftshowroom gallery.


PRICE : 25 SWAP.HIVE ($7.719)
Total Editions : 4
Collection : Splinterlands Monster Characters Drawing
Buy it here

Splinterlands is block-chain based collectible card game where user can earn crypto by winning ranked battles and daily quests etc.
We can also trade our cards to market.
If you think to join the game here is my Ref Link

Take a little time and visit my Art Gallery at NFT SHOWROOM and check my other drawings and GIFs.

Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit



U have done a great job. Looking good.

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Thank you :)

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Nice, you tokenized your awesome art on @nftshowroom.

Thank You :)

Great work of yours indeed ♥️, this a great news 🍻

Thanks for appreciation

that is my pleasure 😊