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Hello Hivers and Splinterlands gamers! Don't you just love the weekly SHARE YOUR BATTLE Challenge?

THANK YOU to all who make the time and effort to participate in this challenge, and share your "secrets" and winning strategies! I appreciate you all. I learn so much from your battles.

I thank most especially the organizers of this fun and educational challenge: @splinterlands, @carrieallen, and those who have been helping in the curation of articles! KUDOS to all of you!

The Featured Monster

The first time I heard about CAPTAIN'S GHOST, I thought that it belonged to the Death Splinter because of its name.

This week's @spinterlands' Share Your Battle Challenge theme: CAPTAIN'S GHOST is a actually a Rare Magic Monster from the Water Splinter.

My Captain's Ghost is at level 5 with the Affliction and Oppress abilities.

The Ruleset

  • Battle Mana Cap: 25
  • All Monsters lose their abilities
  • Range attack Mosters may not be used in battle

The Strategy

WINNING STRATEGY: Not the strength of the individual monster but the synergy created by the TEAM of MONSTERS was key to winning this battle.


  • Utilize only Magic monsters for the back line positions. (1)In this ruleset, only Magic attack monters will have this ability. (2)In the Back-to-Basic rule set Magic monsters will only be attacking the enemy tank. Captian's Ghost will not be able to show us how he uses his abilities in this battle.
  • Use Two defensive monsters in the first two positions, instead of the traditional high health Melee or Magic monsters in the first two position. A worthy oponent with most likely field the highest health and strongest attack monster in the first position.

The Lineup

BATTLE Using CAPTAIN's GHOST: Please click the photo to watch the battle.

Summoner: Alric Stormbringer adds +1 Magic Attack

1. Furious Chicken - 0 mana, at a speed 1 and melee 1, it sure will take the first hit. But, the next blow will be coming from my team! And since I am using Magics, it will surely damage the enemy first position!

2. Kelp Initiative -No attack Monster, but with a health of 5. This will provide the 4 monsters in back line team the opportunity to each attack the enemy tank.

3. Ruler of the Seas -is the intended tank for my team for its attack strength of 3 (supposedly +1, but the enemy Summoner canceled out Alric's buff)

4. Theme Monster: CAPTAIN'S GHOST -intended as the 2nd in line Tank for the same reason as I chose Ruler of the Sea.

5. Ice Pixie -A fill-in magic monster. Despite of its low health, in this position, it will last for the number of rounds that the Captain's Ghost holds the line. Like all other monsters in the back line, no enemy monster can touch her in this battle ruleset. And should it be called to take the lead in the first position, I have Tortisan Chief to assist her.

6. Tortisan Chief - high health Magic monster for the win, if it gets to a one-on-one!

The Battle Result

I won this battle in four rounds. The enemy team was obliterated! Three of my Monsters still standing with Captain's Ghost leading the team to victory!💪

My strategy worked perfectly as planned.

I chose the Summoner Alric Stormbringer that adds +1 Magic Attack because I intended to use mostly (if not ALL) magic attack monsters.

First, I picked the highest health and strongest Magic attack monsters in my Water Splinter. My 3 strongest Magic Monster used up much of the Mana, leaving only 4 Mana to use in three positions.

Next I chose the low mana 2 Magic Monster Ice Pixie, so that I can have the minimum 4 Magic Monsters attacking the enemy tank.[Ruler of the Seas, CAPTAIN's GHOST, Ice Pixie, and Tortisan Chief].

In contrast, the enemy Team had less attacking monsters. Only 3 Monsters were delivering blows to my Monsters in the first positions.

I positioned low-mana monsters in the first two positions [Furious Chicken=0 mana, and Kelp Initiative= 2 mana]

The combined lives of the first two "sacrificial" monsters, provided the back of the line Magic Monsters the opportunity to damaged the strong enemy tank 4 times, reducing its health by half at the end of Round 1.

In contrast, the first round of attacks by the enemy were wasted on my pretend/pseudo first positions.

At the start of Round 2, my real tank [Ruler of the Seas] was in position and all my Magic attack monsters with their original levels of health intact. Whereas the enemy Tank's health has been reduced in half which placed my team in battlefield advantage with more attack monsters (4 vs 3) and more total team health (21 vs 14) .

At the end of Round 3, all enemy Attack Monsters were eliminated leaving the enemy Team with two no-attack Monsters. The enemy team was doomed!

The last remaining 2 enemy monsters were slaughtered on the first 2 hits from my team on Round 4.

Once again, the WINNING STRATEGY: Not the strength of the individual monster but the synergy created by the TEAM of MONSTERS... was key to winning this battle.

There you have it Splinterlands! I hope you enjoyed the battle above!

In your comments below, please feel free to let me know if you have any other suggested card positioning or drop me a tip or two that could help me and others play the game better.

I want to thank @aggroed and @yabapmatt for creating such a fantastic game and another good way to build a bit of NFTs. Keep it coming!!!

I am especially grateful to @carrieallen whose comments have been a source of encouragement for me. To @ashikstd and to @grapthar, who like @carrieallen, curate Battle Challenges.

Thanks also to @stokjockey, @senstless, @welshstacker, @monsterjamgold, @clove71, @mattclarke, @cryptoFrancois, @grapthar, @jonnyla08, and @anouk.nox.spt for the continued help and assistance, and for all Splinterlands gamers who regularly post articles.

I have a passion for stacking silver & gold, home-cooking and travel. I also love the game of Splinterlands! Follow me my journey.

Thank you for viewing this article.

I will see you again soon!


Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!

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Very appreciative, @stever82. THANK YOU!
Have a wonderful evening, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

So the complete opponents team was obliterated!!😬 At first read I thought your team was wiped out.....Oh my....Captain's Ghost this game is very involved!!!
Congratulations on todays win my friend!!!😍😍😀

Hehehe, it is a fun game. You have a minute to put your team together. And to me, that where the fun is. It can be stressful at times, depending on how seriously you want to win. And I want to win all the time. So I keep playing to get into a winning streak, and continue playing while on a winning streak. Then I stop playing when I lose two battles in a row.
Thank you for your support and encouragement, my friend @silvertop. I appreciate you always. Have blessed Sunday 🥰🌺🤙

It does sound enjoyable @silversaver888, the quest to win is part of the fun!!!
Have a wonderful evening my friend!!!!😍😍😀

Ghost Captain? his ghost pirate ship can't be far behind!

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It must be certain now because now both you and @elizabethbit mentioned a ghost ship! I'd love to hear stories about ghost ships!
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Then Ghost parrot, and ghost crew... you realize where we can go with this?

hehehe... into the deep, deep seafloor! 🥰🌺🤙


Sounds like Ghost Captain is a good man to have on the team, sis! Congrats on your victory! So, did the Ghost Captain sail off on a ship after the battle? I might would go looking for his ship, for there's bound to be some coin booty on it!

Thanks for sharing sis, and have a wonderful evening! Much love and hugs!🤗💕🌸

What imagination you have... a ghost ship! I wonder... with all the sunken ships and people that have died at sea... I know what happens to those who die, but are there ghost ships, just like in the movies? Scary stuff! LOL.
Take care, my sweet sis @elizabethbit, and take care 🥰🌺🤙, lots of love and hugs!🤗💕

Makes you think twice about setting out to sea on a sailboat for sure! Take care sweet sis and have a lovely night! Much love and hugs to you!!🤗🤗💕🌸😘

Is it Halloween yet?😆😂😅


I Love these Posts on You Sharing Your Battle Strategy Ms. Saver. It Was Brilliant the Way you used Your Two Sacrificial Lambs Right Up Front to Buy more Time for Your Dealers of MAGIC. Fantastic Move...... You are Always Using your Chess Like Skills in Your Monster Battles Ms. Saver @silversaver888

Checkout a Pack I Opened Yesterday after my Daily Quest. As You Know Packs this Nice do Not Come Up Often

Screenshot_2020-08-20 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

Coming from you who is an expert in Splinterlands, I am very encouraged.
OMG!!! You must be a favorite, and the bot that distributes those cards must know you. No wonder I get blah cards... you got them all! I will probably never come across such a pack!
Thanks for sharing, @stokjockey, and making me jelly! 😆😂😅
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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 20 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks, @pixresteemer!

Always a pleasure 👍

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Nice Magic monsters on the row, the best use when back to basics rule is on.

Thank you @steemmonsters and @yonikar.
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