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First things first! Let's address the Giant Squid (read elephant) in the room first, shall we! Giant Squid, not my most favorite card to be honest. And I don't really use it too often as well. In fact I solely use for reverse speed battles. I actually went back to my battle log to check some of my reverse speed battles, and to my surprise I actually used Giant Squid in a lot of those battles lol! To be fair, it is quite effective in these reverse speed battles. But other than that, I always have a better substitute than the Giant squid almost all the time.

The Battle


Here's the Battle Link. It was a Reverse Speed, 48 mana battle with Close Range, meaning I range attack monsters can attack from the first position. Only the Fire and Water splinters were enabled and I went with the water splinter as my Fire deck is packed with mostly high speed monster. My opponent went with Fire splinter and used Pyre as his summoner. Pyre's +1 speed actually played well into my favor and it lead to my team taking down the mighty Magnor pretty quickly in the first round itself, before it could even launch an attack!


My Lineup

That's pretty self explanatory. Sea monster up front as the tank. With it;s slow speed and heal ability, it's an excellent tank. It's 9 health gives it quite the longevity. At position 2, Feasting Seaweed for it slow speed and opportunity ability to target the opposition monster that I have weakened already. I also had Sea Genie because I wanted a magic monster to go through the shield if the opposition used a tank with armor or shield. I was in fact expecting Living Lava as the opposition tank if they went with fire splinter because it had only one speed and had strong armor.


Giant Squid in at position 4 as it is quite effective in these reverse speed games. Even though it has pretty low health for a 5 mana monster, it's 1 armor does give it some protection and longevity. Azmare Harpoonist made it to the team ahead of Water Elemental because water elemental had 5 speed and it's range attack was lesser than the harpoonist. And I was always gonna have Cornealus in the line up! I just love this card so much, high health plus heal! In a Close Range battle if mana allows Cornealus is an automatic choice as it can act as a very strong, difficult to take down Tank, in case everything went south and my whole lineup was destroyed. I would still have Cornealus come in as a last resort and probably hit a final few blows and who knows, with it's heal and high health, might even win me an unlikely game! And trust me it has happened on numerous occasions! I even had a couple of battles which were not close range, and cornealus was my last man standing. It went to tank position and even though it couldn't launch an attack it kept healing itself and brough home a draw when I was sure to have lost. So Cornealus was a perfect fit for almost any lineup, reverse speed rule didn't play too much on my mind for choosing this beast!

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BDCommunity Witness

@zaku and @reazuliqbal has been the mind and soul behind the BDVoter project and many of you have received some great support for good content from BDV. The bros have been working tirelessly to make onboarding new users onto the HIVE platform by curating from all over the platform! And now they have set up the BDCommunity Witness.

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That's all from me for now!


Until Next Time!


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I'm the same. I pretty much always use this in reverse speed. But otherwise? Meh. 🤣

At 5 mana there’s always a better Range attacker in Water Elemental. Has 5 speed as well as heal, giant squid isn’t even a competition to it. Naga warrior is also pretty good at 4 mana. These two in my Opinion limits the usability of Giant squid to reverse speed battles only.

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