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I have really been pushing the deadlines this week! If you follow my blog then you probably know why. I haven't been in a great place mentally, and splinterlands has been a nice escape from reality. So I guess better late than never...?

Getting to the point! Serpentine Spy from the fire splinter! I have kind of a love and hate relation with the fire splinter! I love the fact that the monsters are filled with speed and firepower, DUH! Fire Elemental, Spark Pixie, Serpentine Spy, Exploding Dwarf to name a few. Hate their health! But these are all absolute beasts in an Equalizer rule battle! In general battles, Serpentine isn't supposed to last you the whole battle. It'll eventually fall to an opportunity attack or something. So in general battles I'm happy if my spy lasts a couple of rounds and does enough damage to the opposition back line. But in an equalizer battle, I expect Serpentine Spy to run Bulldozer on the opposition back line monsters and boy oh boy it delivered!


The Battle


Sorry I don't have a video this week but Here's the BATTLE LINK. It was an equalizer battle with broken arrows, i.e. no range attacks! But that was okay for me as i was planning on using Exploding Dwarf up front to take on opposition tank and blast the opposition 2nd position, while Serpentine Spy runs mayhem on the back!


My Lineup

There was a slight change in plan as I had one slot left after setting my lineup. I decided to add Furious Chicken ahead of Exploding Dwarf, because as it is an equalizer, the chicken would be able to take quite a few attacks up-front and thus keeping the dwarf fresh for round 2. At level 3, Furious chicken also had 1 meele attack so that's a bonus! Then at position 2 exploding Dwarf! this beast was made for the equalizer rule (or the vice versa, who cares!) With it's 5 speed (6 in this as I used Pyre as my summoner) and 4 meele damage, plus the blast, no doubt this was an automatic choice! At position 3 I placed Cerberus solely in case both chicken and Dwarf died quickly and I didn't want Serpentine Spy at position 1. Because from position 1 it can no longer destroy the opposition back line. If you've read my previous week's share you battle challenge, you already know how much I like the strategy to go for the destruction of the opposition back line if there's that chance!


Positions 4 and 5 were rightfully taken up by Serpentine Spy and Zalran Efreet. I kept Zalran in the line up to give some support to my tank in taking down the opposition tank, as Cerberus doesn't have reach and Exploding Dwarf would be left all alone at the front, not that it's uncapable, but it's good to have support and I absolutely love the Life leach ability of Zalran Efreet! But the star of the show was Serpentine Spy. It delivered the final blow in taking down almost all the enemy monsters. The opportunity ability helped in an equalizer as it was easier to target the weakened monster. As it turned out, the weakened monster was usually the enemy tank lol! Well it ended the battle pretty easily for me!


If you haven't signed up for Splinterlands yet, SIGN UP NOW! and a play a few practice battles to see if you enjoy the game. If you do, the you can choose to buy the summoners spellbook and start earning DEC for every battle you win and this also allows to to complete daily quests and earn rewards and also get season end rewards depending on your league achieved. So what are you waiting for!


BDCommunity Witness

@zaku and @reazuliqbal has been the mind and soul behind the BDVoter project and many of you have received some great support for good content from BDV. The bros have been working tirelessly to make onboarding new users onto the HIVE platform by curating from all over the platform! And now they have set up the BDCommunity Witness.

I feel proud that I have been appointed as an ambassador for the BDC witness!

Do consider giving the BDCommunity you witness vote via Hivesigner or you could also go to the Peakd witness page and search manually by typing in BDCommunity

The BDC has also been collecting donations for helping the poor people of Bangladesh in this time of crisis. Do check out the post Here and donate STEEM/SBD/HIVE/HBD to @bdcommunity

That's all from me for now!


Until Next Time!


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