Teaching Myself New Splinterlands Strategies - Healing the Earth!

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So my first full Splinterlands season just ended and I enjoyed it quite a lot. When I started playing, there were only about 4 days left in the season so I was just playing and going with the flow, trying to get used to the different monsters and abilities etc etc...basically just getting used to the whole Splinterlands interface and the different features.

This season I was better accustomed with all the different features and so I could pay more attention to strategies, mine and my opponents'. Towards the end of the season I kept hovering around Gold I and diamond III and I was finding it quite difficult to progress through the Diamond 3. Every time I got in it, I kept losing a few and falling back to Gold 1.

I kept losing especially the lower mana games as my go to tanks were usually quite high mana like the Goblin Mech and I wasn't left with too much option for the rest of the positions. So I was looking for a low mana, good health and strong Meele tank.

Another problem I kept facing from my opponents was the use of monsters with heal ability. It was like whatever damage I do, it just gets wiped away. It was very frustrating. The only two tanks I had with the heal were Cerberus from fire splinter and Sea Monster from the water splinter. Both had their disadvantages. Cerberus, although only 4 mana, had too little health for my liking. And Sea monster was 8 mana, with too little speed. It's good for reverse speed battles though.

As I said, this season I was also observing my opponent's strategies and trying to learn from the other experienced players. And one monster that impressed me massively was Flesh Golem. What a beast! Only 6 mana with 10 health, 3 speed and 2 meele attack! On top of that, at level 3 it had the heal that I was looking for! It didn't take me too long to buy 5 Flesh Golem from Monster Market and combine them to a level 3 Flesh Golem!

The heal ability fascinates me so much that I tried to come up with a strong strategy to frustrate my opponents. And I looked further into the earth monsters and found a perfect strategy that worked really well for me in a lot of the battles. I call this strategy, Healing the Earth!


Healing the Earth

The tank is obviously the beast, Flesh Golem! With it's strong health, it'll absorb a lot of the round attacks from the opposition and heal itself before launching it's attack. But given that it has only 2 meele attack, I need it to survive a few more rounds in case the opposition comes up with a very strong lineup with 3-4 meele or range or magic attacks. In some battles Flesh Golem couldn't survive too long by it's Heal alone.


So to increase the longevity of flesh golem, I added Wood Nymph in some of the battles for it's Tank heal ability. And with only 4 mana cost, this proved extremely effective, particularly in lower mana battles. Now with two heals each round, Flesh Golem is back to almost initial health after every round! Using Lyanna Natura as thhe summoner helps a great deal as well to let Wood Nymph survive a bit longer, to provide one more heal sometimes!


But the healing doesn't end here! Oh I love the earth splinter so much! I wanted to have a healing monster at the back as well to pick up the sneak or opportunity attacks and heal itself, sort of wasting the opponent's attacks while the main damage is being done by my Flesh golem, wood nymph and others at the front! In comes Earth Elemental! At only 3 mana, it boasts 6 health, 2 speed and 2 range attack! I mean, C'mon! What a beaut! It gets the heal ability at level 4.



This can be very frustrating strategy to the opponent, but the relatively lower speeds of these 3 can allow the opponent to overcome them with speed. So finally, if the mana cap allows, I will also add the 1 mana monster Brownie to the lineup to boost the speed. I have enjoyed this combination and won a fair share of battles. Hoping to break into Diamond 2 or 1 this season. Wish me luck!


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That's all from me for now!


Until Next Time!


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The power of healing. I generally try to find a tank heal if it's available... and in Earth there's a lot of love. 🥰
Great post!

Thanks so much 😊

Yes, the Earth Splinter is just so new-player friendly. The other splinters are great, but needs a bit more experience, especially the life and death splinters (the irony, huh!)

For any new player I'd suggest experimenting with the Earth splinter first as it gives a lot of versatile options!