End of Splinterlands' season: Champion II + Summoner Giveaway + Packs Opening !

in hive-13323 •  4 months ago  (edited)

Hello dear Steemians and Summoners,

This season I made it to Chanpion III and I am quite happy about it as I only have 2 playable decks (Death and Fire).

I still very much enjoy Splinterlands a.k.a Steemmonsters but did not have great loots this time, so I won't be wasting your time showing them to you :).

20200316  Season.JPG

Last Season, I said I would give away a death summoner.


The winner of last season Summoner Giveaway is...


I will randomly select someone in the comments that has upvoted this post and give her/him this Bortus Summoner !


Packs Opening






And you? What rank did you reach this season?

I am eager to read your comments and expectations for next season !


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You are an amazing player to only have 2 splinters and make it into the Champion league!! Very nice job!!!

Thank you 🙏 :)

Thank you !

Very nice pack openings! I only got to Gold 1 but considering I only have level 1 cards, I am pretty proud. I really like those epics you got!

Keep grinding ! You will get there !

Champions 3, with only 2 playable summoner. Impressive.

Yes III not II, well I believe if Ibhad the water one I would be II.
And you? What rank are you?

Diamond 1

I think that would be a great post! "How I made it into the champion league with only 2 splinters"! If you make it send it to me on Discord - clove71

I should definitely find the time to do this ! You are totally right.