Season Ended While I was Busy, but Yeah! I got some Surprises!

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The last season I didn't end too badly. Despite of the limited time I have juggling many tasks at the same time, I survived at the borderline Gold league and got myself a 22 items loot chest!


Even though it isn't a lot, but it is still an amount worth being happy. At least it is not a single digit / double digit amount.


Besides the grateful DEC collection, I have 2 rare new members of the Untamed family received. I will find the Silvershield Sheriff be useful when there's super high mana; but I am not certain what Kelp Initiate can do. Perhaps a distraction for attackers with sneak ability? It's pretty fast though....


It seems to have a cleanse ability starting from level 3, and a great support healer for back lined cards that were attacked by sneakers. So far I was right, a distraction and a healer for those who are "tanks" at the back end.

That's a pretty neat card. And I'll keep it around for battling if I don't have any neutral to use and see its effect.


Not overly expensive in USD for a card; but it is around MYR24.40 that can feed a few days of meals for the family / my (almost) monthly data plan for a month.

I'll pass for now to max it, but I sure will keep an eye on this when prices are very low. Definitely great as a wedding gift to set aside at least for a wedding gift for the munchkins.

But first, all is useless when I can't get a proper summoner upgraded...

Or maybe I should just gather the wedding gifts in monster cards and let the wedding couple invest on the Summoners?

What do you think?

(I still have at least 4 more years to get the first wedding gift ready haha... by then I hope Splinterlands will be up on the moon or even to mars!)

Until then




Oh! One more thing I have noticed, there's another new thing about the battle interface.... I probably should check out the newsletter later what's that about.


I love this game and also have the same philosophy. Play as much as I can and be grateful with what I earn in the game. Best wishes for your continuation of success in Splinterlands.

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Thanks @mawit07 !

Really appreciate your encouragement and your like-mindedness !

Do you like the new battle interface?


Congratulations for getting 2 new cards! I still do not know how you are making this as a wedding gift to your little munchkins haha.

But commendable effort!

hahaha... That makes the 2 of us. I am just hoping to share this journey and a story to tell to the kids how this could be a future "investment" and at the same time they enjoy the battle challenges too.

I don't rate Kelp Initiate, but the Sherriff is great, even at low levels during high mana matches.

Yeah but Sherriff is not useful when mana is low.... especially recently I kept getting like 13 - 19 total manas with no close range capability. Kind of a bummer though.