Top 30 Organic Engagement through Comments - 05-08-2020

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On Hive, we talk a lot about engagement and some of our top authors and stakeholders are also taking lots of initiatives to create more engagement on the Hive blockchain. Engagement comes through reading many posts from others and adding valuable comments on their posts. I wanted to pull out this data every day from the blockchain and make a post so that authors who are adding more comments and engagement will get motivation.


Top 30 Commenters with filter

105 Aug 2020@chrisrice9571610.518
205 Aug 2020@flaxz5642640.048
305 Aug 2020@nathanmars4650100.618
405 Aug 2020@cryptoknight124445710.34
505 Aug 2020@maxwellmarcusart4027180.002
605 Aug 2020@kaminchan3945760.027
705 Aug 2020@silvertop3856390.016
805 Aug 2020@ph110238108770.189
905 Aug 2020@chekohler3754214.843
1005 Aug 2020@jlufer3691940.022
1105 Aug 2020@johannpiber36111410.05
1205 Aug 2020@frot3663350.29
1305 Aug 2020@cmplxty35166850.501
1405 Aug 2020@tarazkp3392620.022
1505 Aug 2020@ashikstd3340750
1605 Aug 2020@mehmetfix3313291.62
1705 Aug 2020@priyanarc3364560.012
1805 Aug 2020@papilloncharity3140990.089
1905 Aug 2020@solominer3134480.148
2005 Aug 2020@tattoodjay3149140.062
2105 Aug 2020@ewkaw3017200.008
2205 Aug 2020@melinda0101002931790.069
2305 Aug 2020@wiseagent2932440.059
2405 Aug 2020@fredkese2810840
2505 Aug 2020@issymarie22739420.645
2605 Aug 2020@phage93274890.056
2705 Aug 2020@erikah2739250.046
2805 Aug 2020@steevc2639301.767
2905 Aug 2020@elizabethbit2645240
3005 Aug 2020@phortun2622830.208

To start with I had to do lots of manual review work to get rid of the accounts that are either an automated commenting account or spam accounts that add random comments to spam. I came up with the below list of accounts that I have ignored from my report above.

@hivebuzz, @actifit, @tipu, @beerlover, esteemapp, @bdvoter.cur, @vimm, @hivewatcher, @hivewatchers, @pinmapple, @qurator, @likwid, @sor31, @fgh87, @jkl65, @vmn31, @w95hj', @xcv47, @x6oc5, @asd09, @zxc43, @w7ngc, @wiv01, @pixresteemer, @russellstockley, @investinthefutur, @c-squared, @yakovinvest, @dsc-r2cornell, piratedice, questbot, @anonramblingscom, @upvotebank, @hiveghost, @cheetah, @steemmonsters, @puncakbukit, @commun,, @surpassinggoogle, @innerblocks, @naturalmedicine, @incrediblesnow, @travelfeed, @opb, @misterengagement, @discovery-it, @u89gw, @dw38h, @f76wz, @hk14d, @indiaunited, @nesomi, @complaints-1, @complaints-2, @complaints-3, @complaints-4, @complaints-5, @complaints-6, @complaints-7, @complaints-8, @complaints-9, @planktonsupport, @co-mplaints-12, @adventureready, @com-plaints-14, @ecency, @currentxchange, @holybread, @hivegc, @diyhub, @wallet-kabil, @poshtoken

But the below section will have the complete list without any filter that will also include accounts from the above list.

Top 30 Commenters without filter

105 Aug 2020@hivebuzz6887349060.146
205 Aug 2020@actifit2898376240.025
305 Aug 2020@hivewatcher223542950
405 Aug 2020@tipu215532800.043
505 Aug 2020@beerlover191950670.138
605 Aug 2020@fgh87156732090
705 Aug 2020@wiv0110087030
805 Aug 2020@chrisrice9571610.518
905 Aug 2020@xcv478796250.001
1005 Aug 2020@asd098562650.004
1105 Aug 2020@x6oc58536130
1205 Aug 2020@w7ngc8441580
1305 Aug 2020@zxc438439920
1405 Aug 2020@dw38h8437530
1505 Aug 2020@f76wz8441540
1605 Aug 2020@jkl658442350
1705 Aug 2020@sor318439910
1805 Aug 2020@vmn318435360
1905 Aug 2020@u89gw8445340.002
2005 Aug 2020@w95hj8441530
2105 Aug 2020@hk14d8339780
2205 Aug 2020@yakovinvest8335720
2305 Aug 2020@ecency68280210.021
2405 Aug 2020@holybread6557270.022
2505 Aug 2020@russellstockley64179180.064
2605 Aug 2020@pixresteemer62415430.007
2705 Aug 2020@flaxz5642640.048
2805 Aug 2020@pinmapple46369780.014
2905 Aug 2020@nathanmars4650100.618
3005 Aug 2020@investinthefutur4555920.031

In addition to the daily top commentors, I thought it would be ideal to list out the top voters as well. Below is the list of top 30 voters from the chain without any filters.

Top 30 Upvoters without filter

105 Aug 2020@laissez-faire3800
205 Aug 2020@payroll3395
305 Aug 2020@d-pend833
405 Aug 2020@voxmortis622
505 Aug 2020@mys588
605 Aug 2020@steemitboard541
705 Aug 2020@limka540
805 Aug 2020@pixelfan493
905 Aug 2020@dpend.active480
1005 Aug 2020@tonimontana.neo477
1105 Aug 2020@fbslo464
1205 Aug 2020@toni.pal438
1305 Aug 2020@tombstone436
1405 Aug 2020@accelerator421
1505 Aug 2020@idkpdx413
1605 Aug 2020@epicdice385
1705 Aug 2020@justinparke380
1805 Aug 2020@hivelist371
1905 Aug 2020@hivebuzz359
2005 Aug 2020@fengchao352
2105 Aug 2020@emrebeyler343
2205 Aug 2020@dalz343
2305 Aug 2020@gerber342
2405 Aug 2020@exyle342
2505 Aug 2020@steemcityrewards341
2605 Aug 2020@jlsplatts341
2705 Aug 2020@dlike340
2805 Aug 2020@freddio340
2905 Aug 2020@purefood339
3005 Aug 2020@steem.leo339

Top 30 Downvoters without filter

105 Aug 2020@spaminator530
205 Aug 2020@dein-problem497
305 Aug 2020@hivewatcher248
405 Aug 2020@blocktrades72
505 Aug 2020@theycallmedan60
605 Aug 2020@fbslo44
705 Aug 2020@brianoflondon44
805 Aug 2020@informativebot32
905 Aug 2020@pizzaboy7726
1005 Aug 2020@stimialiti22
1105 Aug 2020@buildawhale21
1205 Aug 2020@flag.god.bot19
1305 Aug 2020@netaterra19
1405 Aug 2020@alexanderfluke17
1505 Aug 2020@mmmmkkkk31117
1605 Aug 2020@bluengel14
1705 Aug 2020@mk-marlians-tkn13
1805 Aug 2020@mk-leo-token13
1905 Aug 2020@mk-stem-token13
2005 Aug 2020@mk-photo-token13
2105 Aug 2020@mk-pal-token13
2205 Aug 2020@mk-gg-token13
2305 Aug 2020@fersher13
2405 Aug 2020@mk-sports-token13
2505 Aug 2020@mk-natrl-token13
2605 Aug 2020@curatorpal10
2705 Aug 2020@leocurator10
2805 Aug 2020@likwid9
2905 Aug 2020@steemcleaners9
3005 Aug 2020@sc-fund9

The intention of this post is to showcase some of the authors showing good engagement in the Hive community. I'm posting these stats every day so that whales and high stakeholders can have an eye on them and reward their posts and comments.

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the list.

If you find any discrepancy in the above list or any accounts that are not supposed to be in that list, please let me know in the comments.

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Thanks for the information!

You are welcome. Cheers!

This week has been crazy... so I am temporarily out of the list. 😑

Hoping to see you soon with full energy. 😉

Nice to see the list , but I would like to know why I have made the automated or spam list ??

Hello @russellstockley. Most of your comments are automated comments that are with similar content. That's why you have been excluded from the organic comment list.



Thanks for the reply

I understand-

all replies are manually added and a lot of the responses have extra comments, but I get where your coming from -

Competition posts often just require an acknowledgement of entry -

I have no other way of saying Thank you for entering than to say thank you for entering and Good luck :

Thanks for the explanation. I understand that you are doing the replies manually. As your comments have almost repeated contents, I have to remove them from the organic comments list. But however, you would still be on my second list where it is total comments without any filter.

Hope this is okay. 🙂

Hello @bala41288 - The unfiltered list is ok , I was just a bit upset with being in a list of 'Spammers' as I don't consider myself a spammer,

Maybe the connotation of this is just me talking it a bit personal ,as I am in the realm of Internet email marketing and the term Spammer is a bit harsh :)

I love the work you do and support it - Keep up the good work :)

Ah, I get it. Please don't consider it as just spammers. Spammers are also part of that list that's all. I will try to rephrase it a bit in the coming days.

Maybe I can give a suggestion. You can probably have a secondary account with which you can welcome people who are using CTP. And with your primary account, you can do your organic commenting. If you can do it that way, it will be good and let me know so that I can remove your name from the filter list. 🙂

how are you dear friend @ bala41288 good night
How good it is to be in the top ten committed.
I really appreciate this information dear friend
Have a great night

Yes it is always good to be on top. Keep going. Cheers!

Me perfect only interested in

Commenters with filter

Great. This post actually started only with that section. But then many people asked me to include the other 3 sections as well. 😀

Great way of tracking. Cheers to these guys. I miss the interaction that we had "back in the day." It's hard to know if people read your post if they don't comment haha.

lol ya that's true. But I get lots of responses every day. So, I think many people like these stats. 😉