Top 30 Organic Engagement through Comments - 31-07-2020

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On Hive, we talk a lot about engagement and some of our top authors and stakeholders are also taking lots of initiatives to create more engagement on the Hive blockchain. Engagement comes through reading many posts from others and adding valuable comments on their posts. I wanted to pull out this data every day from the blockchain and make a post so that authors who are adding more comments and engagement will get motivation.


Top 30 Commenters with filter

131 Jul 2020@galenkp87220420.508
231 Jul 2020@creativemary6298050.245
331 Jul 2020@jaynie6056490.051
431 Jul 2020@kaminchan4958790.162
531 Jul 2020@johannpiber48129500.108
631 Jul 2020@tarazkp46115930.124
731 Jul 2020@silvertop4565640.02
831 Jul 2020@flaxz4461180.011
931 Jul 2020@papilloncharity4492940.211
1031 Jul 2020@ayhamyou445420.064
1131 Jul 2020@sergiomendes4335870.286
1231 Jul 2020@pixiepost42104280.29
1331 Jul 2020@jlufer4196150.107
1431 Jul 2020@lukeisalive4183030
1531 Jul 2020@chrisrice3839890.009
1631 Jul 2020@gracielaacevedo3867470
1731 Jul 2020@nathanmars3831132.078
1831 Jul 2020@abh123453742900.143
1931 Jul 2020@sacra973757380.01
2031 Jul 2020@melinda0101003635890.274
2131 Jul 2020@yonilkar3421400.283
2231 Jul 2020@rezoanulvibes3226060.014
2331 Jul 2020@isabelpena3244260.039
2431 Jul 2020@rmsadkri3249790.316
2531 Jul 2020@phage93315380.056
2631 Jul 2020@elianaicgomes31115280.005
2731 Jul 2020@ph110231105500.036
2831 Jul 2020@marybellrg3170680.04
2931 Jul 2020@ewkaw2917780.052
3031 Jul 2020@logiczombie2991090.073

To start with I had to do lots of manual review work to get rid of the accounts that are either an automated commenting account or spam accounts that add random comments to spam. I came up with the below list of accounts that I have ignored from my report above.

@hivebuzz, @actifit, @tipu, @beerlover, esteemapp, @bdvoter.cur, @vimm, @hivewatcher, @hivewatchers, @pinmapple, @qurator, @likwid, @sor31, @fgh87, @jkl65, @vmn31, @w95hj', @xcv47, @x6oc5, @asd09, @zxc43, @w7ngc, @wiv01, @pixresteemer, @russellstockley, @investinthefutur, @c-squared, @yakovinvest, @dsc-r2cornell, piratedice, questbot, @anonramblingscom, @upvotebank, @hiveghost, @cheetah, @steemmonsters, @puncakbukit, @commun,, @surpassinggoogle, @innerblocks, @naturalmedicine, @incrediblesnow, @travelfeed, @opb, @misterengagement, @discovery-it, @u89gw, @dw38h, @f76wz, @hk14d, @indiaunited, @nesomi, @complaints-1, @complaints-2, @complaints-3, @complaints-4, @complaints-5, @complaints-6, @complaints-7, @complaints-8, @complaints-9, @planktonsupport, @co-mplaints-12, @adventureready, @com-plaints-14, @ecency, @currentxchange, @holybread, @hivegc, @diyhub, @wallet-kabil

But the below section will have the complete list without any filter that will also include accounts from the above list.

Top 30 Commenters without filter

131 Jul 2020@hivebuzz6507256220.241
231 Jul 2020@tipu236721350.047
331 Jul 2020@beerlover193947770.102
431 Jul 2020@actifit1695207940.007
531 Jul 2020@hivewatcher142322560
631 Jul 2020@galenkp87220420.508
731 Jul 2020@creativemary6298050.245
831 Jul 2020@jaynie6056490.051
931 Jul 2020@ecency59219350.072
1031 Jul 2020@pinmapple55432810.058
1131 Jul 2020@pixresteemer54315910.105
1231 Jul 2020@investinthefutur5361910
1331 Jul 2020@asd0951137390.011
1431 Jul 2020@kaminchan4958790.162
1531 Jul 2020@johannpiber48129500.108
1631 Jul 2020@misterengagement4851840
1731 Jul 2020@tarazkp46115930.124
1831 Jul 2020@yakovinvest4518530.005
1931 Jul 2020@xcv474520130.007
2031 Jul 2020@silvertop4565640.02
2131 Jul 2020@dw38h4518080.011
2231 Jul 2020@w95hj4521360.012
2331 Jul 2020@u89gw4518260.006
2431 Jul 2020@hk14d4519450.012
2531 Jul 2020@f76wz4518680.013
2631 Jul 2020@wiv014536010.006
2731 Jul 2020@vmn314420390.009
2831 Jul 2020@fgh874418950.007
2931 Jul 2020@papilloncharity4492940.211
3031 Jul 2020@ayhamyou445420.064

In addition to the daily top commentors, I thought it would be ideal to list out the top voters as well. Below is the list of top 30 voters from the chain without any filters.

Top 30 Upvoters without filter

131 Jul 2020@laissez-faire3520
231 Jul 2020@limka1025
331 Jul 2020@d-pend768
431 Jul 2020@mys708
531 Jul 2020@fbslo603
631 Jul 2020@voxmortis579
731 Jul 2020@steemitboard536
831 Jul 2020@livingfree529
931 Jul 2020@hiveyoda500
1031 Jul 2020@created498
1131 Jul 2020@payroll492
1231 Jul 2020@tonimontana.neo449
1331 Jul 2020@whd432
1431 Jul 2020@pixelfan420
1531 Jul 2020@dpend.active419
1631 Jul 2020@toni.pal408
1731 Jul 2020@tombstone396
1831 Jul 2020@accelerator383
1931 Jul 2020@fengchao381
2031 Jul 2020@julian2013380
2131 Jul 2020@idkpdx359
2231 Jul 2020@arcange347
2331 Jul 2020@angelinafx346
2431 Jul 2020@raphaelle346
2531 Jul 2020@epicdice345
2631 Jul 2020@justinparke334
2731 Jul 2020@jlsplatts329
2831 Jul 2020@maxuvd329
2931 Jul 2020@toni.ccc327
3031 Jul 2020@hivemachine323

Top 30 Downvoters without filter

131 Jul 2020@spaminator559
231 Jul 2020@dein-problem465
331 Jul 2020@hivewatcher181
431 Jul 2020@informativebot32
531 Jul 2020@pizzaboy7729
631 Jul 2020@flag.god.bot19
731 Jul 2020@fersher19
831 Jul 2020@theycallmedan19
931 Jul 2020@stimialiti19
1031 Jul 2020@likwid14
1131 Jul 2020@antisocialist14
1231 Jul 2020@yggdrasil.laguna14
1331 Jul 2020@chekohler12
1431 Jul 2020@adm12
1531 Jul 2020@memehub12
1631 Jul 2020@pfunk11
1731 Jul 2020@merlin710
1831 Jul 2020@clvr10
1931 Jul 2020@viking-ventures10
2031 Jul 2020@enforcer4810
2131 Jul 2020@brianoflondon10
2231 Jul 2020@steemcleaners10
2331 Jul 2020@technologycorner10
2431 Jul 2020@leocurator9
2531 Jul 2020@steemflagrewards9
2631 Jul 2020@curatorpal9
2731 Jul 2020@ew-and-patterns8
2831 Jul 2020@hivewatchers8
2931 Jul 2020@marcocasario7
3031 Jul 2020@noporn4u6

The intention of this post is to showcase some of the authors showing good engagement in the Hive community. I'm posting these stats every day so that whales and high stakeholders can have an eye on them and reward their posts and comments.

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the list.

If you find any discrepancy in the above list or any accounts that are not supposed to be in that list, please let me know in the comments.

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Big shoutout to my close friends from the list: @flaxz, @pixiepost, @nathanmars, @rezoanulvibes, @elianaicgomes !!

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