Top 50 accounts on Hive filtered by stake that still has steem as their recovery account

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Today when I was checking some data from the blockchain, I noticed some of the accounts that were still having Steem as their recovery account. It was not a big surprise for me because I knew that many people would still be inactive and would have even forgot about changing their recovery account. But later I wanted to query the blockchain based on the top stake holders on the chain to see who still has Steem as their recovery account. The result I got from the chain surprised me. Before we go to see the list I would like to give a heads up on why we should change our recovery account.

Why it is important to change our recovery account?

In general recovery account is responsible for recovering your account if you lose your password. It is mandatory that every user should review the recovery account and update it to something that is sensible. Most of the people would have the recovery account set to the account that created the user. Probably if you are someone who has multiple accounts, you can have one of your alt accounts as your recovery account. For people who were part of Steem and used steem's user creation mechanism to create the account, steem would have been the default recovery account.



It has been a few months already since the chain split. Many people hate the fact that Steem is more centralized and with censorship and wanted to move away from steem. After seeing the HF23 many people think that their funds are no longer safe on Steem. When that is the case I would like to highlight that for all those accounts mentioned below that has steem as their recovery account, Steem can have control even on Hive blockchain by initiating a recovery to change the password. So, it is not potentially safe to have steem as the recovery account on Hive blockchain. There were many people who wrote articles on this topic already explaining why it is important to change your recovery account especially after the chain split.

About a month back I wrote an article about How you can use Hivesigner to change your recovery account. Additionally a little before that I also wrote and article about How we can use our own alt account as a recovery account. You can read these articles to get some idea about how you can do it. Apart from these there are also few others articles explaining how it is important to take care of their own account recovery instead of being dependent on any other service. During the intial days when we had problems with Steem, @ausbitbank also wrote this article to educate as to how we can change our recovery account.

Now lets go the stats and see who still have steem as their recovery account even on hive.

Top 50 accounts that have steem as their recovery account


We have a total of 1386066 accounts on Hive Blockchain and out of which 1271001 accounts still have @steem as their recovery account. In the above list, I have picked top 50 accounts from hive blockchain based on their stake and the ones who have steem as their recovery account. This list shows me some popular names. There is a high possibility that some people in the above list would have already initiated the process and waiting for it to change as there is a 30 days waiting time for it to change. Some people might have forgotten to change it. I hope this post will give a heads up to them to change their recovery account at least now.

This is the direct link to change your recovery account. Just update the new recovery account there to your desired recovery account.

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Dang, I had Mine set to Blocktrades, and blocktrades' recovery is set to Steem! -_-

Ha ha ha thats funny. 😀

That's not really a problem, the recovery of your recovery has no impact to your own account

Thnaks for this information

You are welcome. 😀

It is mandatory that every user should review the recovery account and update it to something that is sensible.

What too? Who am I supposed to choose as recovery accounts?

Probably if you are someone who has multiple accounts, you can have one of your alt accounts as your recovery account.

I don't have alt accounts. And you article doesn't explain how to get one. I'm not a dolphin who can just claim a new account.

There were many people who wrote articles on this topic already explaining why it is important to change your recovery account especially after the chain split.

Without a trustworthy account to choose those articles are all worthless. I did read several of them but without a trustworthy account to choose I left it at that.

Those articles need to start at a much earlier point: How to get an alt account or which accounts are trustworthy. I know most witnesses will create accounts for three hive. But how is it done?

It is not mandatory that you have to create a new account and that that account as alt account. But that can be a better move. There are multiple ways to create a new account. Please check the below:

Otherwise, if you have a whale friend or someone whom you trust, you can even set their account as your recovery account. Further to this, if you need any additional information do let me know. 😀

Geez... this people need to change their recovery account :)

Or maybe they keep their keys very safe and think they will not need them it :)

Yes, that's right. I was surprised to see some familiar people on the list. Keeping the keys safe is fine but changing this is even better. 😉

Nicely explained. Thanks for sharing thoughts about recovery account. I thought steem recovery is safe but i shall change recovery account soon. Its really important. Anything can be happened with centralized platform. So its much needed for Hive user to change it. Thanks

You are welcome. Cheers! 😀

thanks a lot for the reminder big brother, I all most forgot to change the recovery account 👍🙏👌

Glad that this post reminded you to change it. Please go ahead and change it. 😀

That is indeed one more lookup and emphasize that the first thing on HIVE would be to update your recovery account. Stay safe and be protected with a trusted recovery account that will never steal your keys!

Yes this should have been the first thing for many people on Hive. Changing the recovery account and having a valid recovery account is very important. 😀

Perhaps, they are confident enough not getting there password lost not account get hack.

Yes, that confidence is good but still having the recovery account set to steem is still risky. 😉

I have not updated too 🤦‍♂️
Thanks for the post bro, will update 👍

You are welcome. Yes go and update the recovery account. 😀



Do not set your recovery to any other account just because it was Steem before. The recovery account needs to have a way to verify your identity apart from any Steem/Hive keys, e.g. via mobile/email/social media account etc... Only set an account as recovery (that is not your own alt) if you have agreed that with them before.

The recovery partner, no matter who it is, cannot do anything to your account without a key from you.

Yes thanks for the valuable information. Yes it is best to add someone who is trustworthy as a recovery account and that's why I suggested adding alt accounts as recovery account. That can be easy and better. 😀

Yes, I agree. For those with alt accounts, I'd still recommend to look up how the recovery process works. If you feel you don't understand what to do in case it is needed, having an alt as recovery account doesn't help much. The Hive Account Recovery Service might be an option for those who do not want to bother with the technical details, but I haven't tried this service myself.

I just read the article you have shared. Yes very informative. Thanks for sharing.