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RE: The Fundraiser: A Concept for a Dapp/Widget/Feature/Something

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It's a good idea, but you have to consider the implications of unfulfilled promises. This is always a issue on fundraising platform.

Another issue would be what will happen with the funds for projects that didn't reach the goal? Stretch goals will be allowed?

But here is my main suggestion:

With all this discussion happening with @sbdpotato stuff, why use steem, and not sbd for the fundraising?

See, there is an inherent problem happening on the ecosystem. All the projects are missing something really basic to make the sbd/steem system work: why accept steem as payment, since sbd was the token that was supposed to fulfill this role?


At the end of the day that's up to the people using the service not the service provider. Obviously there are no guarantees here that the provider can make. Don't fund projects from people you don't know or trust.

I didn't put it here, but I'd imagine you can send Steem or SBD. For the payout preview I'd just keep it in Steem for ease of reading.

To be honest I haven't weighed in much on the sbdpotato situation, all I know is it's been going on for a while and doesn't seem to have a clear impact, but again I haven't looked into it too heavily.

I can't say much about this, because I never really used fundraising platform, only read news about the from time to time. But in essence I do think they are an incredible tool to fund any kind of project.

I called it as an issue because now and then I read about these kind of stuff happening. It's just the accountability must be really clear on these platforms.

About the 🥔, well, it's complicated. It might of might not have any effect on the price (I think it won't, but I might be wrong) but its an opportunity to raise a big issue that happens around here:

Big stake holders don't seem to have any clue about what is needed to increase the blockchain value, and this potato "experiment" is just another example of it.

Anyway, if you are still interested in thus topic I would to hear your opinion here:

I stopped using steemit for like year, and returning to it this year it's saddening to see that the stake holders minds and idea still haven't evolved....

It's a good idea, but you have to consider the implications of unfulfilled promises. This is always a issue on fundraising platform.

That's a good issue to raise.

Donations are closely tied to reputation and trust, which helps to limit scams, to some extent.

We also have escrow as a feature on the Steem blockchain and that could be leveraged. So instead of placing trust in the person receiving the donations, people can trust the escrow agent instead.

And that brings up a market for providing reputable and honest escrow and mediation services, which can earn the provider income based on the fees paid.

I must admit that I haven't yet studied Steem's escrow feature to be in a position to speak on its capabilities or limitations in depth, so I'll leave it at that :)