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RE: 😍2016 Centennial Gold Mercury Dime😍

I have two Mercury dimes I put in bezels and made earrings out of. I need 2 of these gold ones for the same purpose, lol! I like to wear my silver and gold! That's awesome you have one of these! Thanks for sharing sis and have a lovely evening. Many hugs and kisses to you!🤗🤗💋🤗🤗🌹😎


Wearing your stack is the way to go, sis @elizabethbit. O think that I recall those pair of silver Merc Earrings. It was one of your first articles! And that was when we became friends. So from now one, our friendship commemorative coin will be the Mercury Dime! How cool is that!!!!
Have a beautiful ay, my sweetest sis, @elizabethbit, lots of love and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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