Vatican City 5 Lira for World Coin Wednesday

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I got this coin a couple of weeks ago, to be my 2020 Easter Silver commemorative. It is to remind me of my first ever Easter Sunday that I, like many other Roman Catholics, was not able to attend Easter Sunday Mass and Holy Communion in Church.

Check out how this coin was sent to me! I am impressed by the seller's frugality by recycling paper supplies to use in packaging this coin. I too am frugal in many ways.

1940 Vatican City 5 Lire - Pivs XII

Brilliant Uncirculated, .835 Silver

Portrait of Pope Pius XII


Translation: Pius XII Pontificate (Pope), Greatest, Year 2 (of his reign).

Engraver: Aurelio Mistruzzi


Saint Peter in a small boat on violent waters.


Translation: State of Vatican City

Engraver: Aurelio Mistruzzi

Edge: Lettered


Translation: Peace and Justice


Look at the awesome cartwheel on this 80-year old coin!

Cartwheel is the term used to describe the luster effect on some brilliant uncirculated coins, where the light reflects off the surface of the coin pattern similar to the spokes of a wagon wheel.


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Very nice way to to remember Easter and your trip last year bestie🤗🥰

Really it is ... I put so much thought on the choice of a commemorative silver to mark this unusual circumstance. And I lucked out to be able to get this piece. St Peter is the rock upon whom the church was built. The very first thing I will do when public Masses are restored is to attend Mass!
Stay safe and take care, bestie 🥰🌺🤙

Cool coin, I have some left over Lira from back when I visited Italy years ago and it was still used as their currency. But none as old or silver like this one.

Hello, @maddogmike! There are several other tags which one can use for precious metals-related articles: #fiestatuesday, #worldcoinwednesday, #silverpornsaturday and #piratesunday! Isn't it wonderful? Perhaps we'll see your Lira coins one of these days!
Stay safe and take care, my friend and stack on 🥰🌺🤙

I was wondering if you were building a collection of Vatican Silver, I've seen some in my travels including a large Silver commemorative of John Paul II I saw at a salvation Army Silent Auction last summer, I didn't win at 3x Spot but you can bet I was think of you Sis. Someone else sure wanted to win it badly.

Yes, I do have other coins and a medal depicting my favorite saint, St John Paul the Great! Ummmm... I wonder if that was the coin I got the past year, LOL!
Stay safe and take care, my sweetest sis @kerrislravenhill, lots of love and a million Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!

What an excellent coin to remember your trip to Italy, and to remember Pope Pius XII
Interesting that he used the census forms, and recycles this for a mailing envelope😀
So nice that you were able to get this BU 1940 coin, the shine is blinding LOL!!
Enjoy the evening my friend!😍😍😀

I sort of do the same thing. I still write letters and send cards, and sometimes I recycle the beautiful cards I get, save the artwork on it. I use it to say hello to people O met in the park, and the elderly folks I visit in homes.
Have a great evening. Be safe and take care, my friend, @silvertop🥰🌺🤙

Thats so nice......@silversaver888....You have a good heart!!😍😍😀

A beautiful coin and a lovely way to remind yourself of Easter. This year's Easter was definitely not the norm for everyone! Take care my sis and have a lovely evening! 🤗🤗💕

I pray every day for things to go back to normal soon (and for the many who are now without a livelihood and are severely affected, but also in thanksgiving for the relief money and assistance that many have received to tide them over).
Have a wonderful day, my sweet sis @elizabethbit, stay safe and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Those are good things to pray for. One of our local big employer, and aluminum smelter, just closed and with it, go over 700 jobs. They are expecting the ripple effect for another 600 jobs in the county. Our state's unemployment system is a mess. There are so many folks everywhere throughout the world that need so much help, it's overwhelming! Keep on praying, sweet sis as will I. Take care!🤗🙏💟

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