Beyond Expectations by Wav-Legion & Billy Korg [🎙with lyrics🎙]

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Beyond Expectations by Billy Korg

2019 Beyond Expectations. Writen by Bonnie Legion and wav-Dr. Produced by Billy Korg.

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Beyond Expectations [Lyrics by Bonnie Legion]

I'm tired I'm a million different things
I'm tired of a million different things
feel sorry for the phone when it rings
cause I'm not gonna get ya

you told me a million different things
you sold me a million different things
and you don't give a damn when I sing
cause in the end you know that Karma's gonna get ya

I'm tied up haning by a string
and I don't even care if you should cut me free
I'll sing with all the lights off
you can tape my mouth up
I can't shut the fuck up
baby you cant scare me with your millions of things

don't just sit there
give me perfection
give me perfection

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