Billy & Friends updated with all the new realeases

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Hello everybody

This is Billy & Friends, a SoundCloud playlist with all the collabs released on this platform updated until this week, 16 tracks/songs made with lovely artists such as @theturtleproject, @winkandwoo @ivanc and @thesixthstone Enjoy!!



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Billy Korg a.k.a. NuPulse, Electronic Music Producer bred in the Spanish "Raver scene" with the SensinGiJs (SensinDJ + Billy Korg), making live acts just using Roland and Korg hardware. Spent two Years in Ibiza producing and playing live with B&P Blues Progressive (with Nando Pemán -guitar- & Alejandro Pugliano -saxo-), a chill-out and downtempo band making countless shows across the island. Now I use mostly Korg hardware and Logic Audio to make my multi-genre tracks.

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