Billy Korg "mainstream" Bootleg Remixes!

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Hello everybody, today I want to show some bootleged remixes made some time ago. You'll find tracks from mainstream artists like Sniff 'n' The Tears, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, REM, Alex Clare, Clint Mansell, Bee Gees & Boney M. Enjoy!!!!!


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Billy Korg a.k.a. NuPulse, Electronic Music Producer bred in the Spanish "Raver scene" with the SensinGiJs (SensinDJ + Billy Korg), making live acts just using Roland and Korg hardware. Spent two Years in Ibiza producing and playing live with B&P Blues Progressive (with Nando Pemán -guitar- & Alejandro Pugliano -saxo-), a chill-out and downtempo band making countless shows across the island. Now I use mostly Korg hardware and Logic Audio to make my multi-genre tracks.

Billy Korg: Music for the Awakening


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