Asphalt Airborne 8 Gameplay- MINI COOPER S ROADSTER V S ALPHA ROMEO Mito GTA

in hive-140217 •  2 months ago 

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Hi Hivers,

Games are always a best way to enjoy your time there is nothing best as playing games. PC games are really amazing to spend time with joy . Today I played Asphalt Airborne 8 and enjoy the day I had also recorded my whole gameplay but today here Im sharing one of the best game play which is very tough to win. You can se in the video how Interesting was full match to play.

I chosed Mini Cooper S Roadster to play it is a nice car to conquer the lap. In starting I knocked out the opponent and made lead but after that match become more difficult to win but at last I won. Here in this video you can see all gameplay I hope all of you enjoy this


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