Referral rewards introduced in Cryptobrewmaster game

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It's been already over a month since I started playing Cryptobrewmaster game. I was initially attracted by the graphics of the game and have been playing this game ever since. I also introduced some of my friends into this game. I'm not sure if they are still playing it or not but my progress in the game is going good so far. Before the introduction of CBM tokens into the game, the game was not having any link with Hive except for the login part, but after the link was introduced, I guess it is great to play this game and receive some tokens in the game and exchange them on Hive Engine.


I still admire this game so much for the graphics. But there was a small problem that this game was not playable on mobile devices yet. I did raise that as a request to the development team and they have mentioned that they would make it mobile friendly soon. We cannot blame so much as the game is still in the alpha stage. I'm glad that we already have so many features available in the alpha stage itself.

New features coming out one by one

Being a developer myself, I know how hard it is to develop any website. Especially when it comes to a game website, it is very hard because we have to carefully align the graphical components so that the UI looks interesting and good for the players. It is very good to see new features coming out now and then. I see at least a minimum of one feature coming out every week which is very good.

A few weeks back there was also a sneak peak post made by the team showcasing how the actual market would look like and what features we would get in the market. The graphics was amazing again. I personally believe that UX very important for any project. Especially for games it should be very attractive to be a good selling point.

I believe that with the new features coming out now and then, we would have a full beta game available to the users towards the end of the year if I'm not wrong. Playing the game in alpha mode requires some patience as there will not be more features in the game. But I'm glad that even though this game is in alpha mode, there are enough features already in the game to keep people occupied.

Referral rewards were introduced yesterday

I was wondering what was the significance of the referral system in the game. I was sure that I introduced a few people into this game. But I didn't know if they actually used my referral link or not. I was wondering what benefit that would give me as well. The answer to my question came out as a feature in yesterday's update. A new page has been introudced that displays all the activities done by my referrals. It also shows a progress towards my next goal to get the referral rewards.


I found that when my referrals play the game, I earn some XP and that takes me towards my referral rewards. The first reward is at 250XP points and when my referrals play the game and complete quests and activities, they earn me some referral rewards. I really like this idea. Instead of giving a one time unique rewards for each referral, this idea is even more motivating because the more my referral plays, I get more rewards and my progress will also be good in the game. This will also help people find more referrals.

Referral bonus history

The below screen displays my referral bonus history. Based on how my referrals play the game, I keep getting bonus XP towards my next referral reward. It is good to see a log of all the activities my referrls are doing.

I had my alt account as my own referral to test few things. I noticed that the referral rewards are displayed a bit slow or with a short delay. Maybe it takes some time to get updated in the system and get displayed here. Maybe this is something for the developers to check and fix.

List of my referrals

I'm glad that I can also see the list of my referrals in the game. I now know from whom I will be getting the referral or bonus rewards. I had a total of 21 referrals. With this referral reward scheme, I guess I would love to increase that number still further because the rewards from my referrals is looking very good. But the fact is that my referrals should play the game regularly for me to get the rewards.


I'm going to be promoting this game to as many people as I can. People who are interested in playing the game can give it a try. If you are someone reading this post and would like to get started with the game, you can take my referral link below.

Some people might ask what is the advantage in using my referral link instead of joining directly without any referral link. The advantage is that if you join with my referral link, you would get a AlphaBonus pack that would help you get started easily. You can straight away start making your first Beer without waiting to complete the daily quests. There is also another good thing about this game which is that you don't really need a Hive account to get started. You can also play with your google account.

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My pleasure. You are welcome and you guys are amazing. 🙂

are wah bade bhai apne to bade lambi list bana le hai referal ke.

Ha ha ha. Haan bhai. I didn't actually expect that. 21 referrals so far. 🙂

This is really great bade bhai keep going.

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Thanks guys. 🙂

I don't think CBM tokens on Hive-engine link a game to the Hive Blockchain.

Hive-engine is a completely separate "side-chain" with its own Database tables that only uses Hive for LOGIN.

I am glad to see games support it, if they feel it gives there players something useful.
BUT claiming that is a Hive blockchain link, is not accurate.

IF you look at games like Nextcolony or Holybread, they record your "moves" onto the blockchain. That is far more integrated with the HIVE blockchain than just "look we have a Hive-engine token" (that we had to pay for, even tho Hive is free to develop on)

Yes I agree with your point. Right now CBM tokens to Hive-Engine and login using Hive is the only link the game has with Hive.

And I guess a few people already asked them about this. The game team said that they are going to soon make the stuff inside the game as NFT tokens.

I personally feel that we shouldn't be pushing so much yet on this fact because the game is still in alpha stage. Maybe if the game goes to beta stage and if it still stays as a centralized database, then I guess this is a valid thing to raise. But, I completely agree with you that the game need more integration with Hive to actually say that it is a game on top of Hive blockchain or even to say that it is a blockchain game.

Means still not playable on mobile?

Yep, the interface is not very mobile friendly yet if I'm not wrong. It's been a while since I checked on my mobile though. 🙂