dCity Digest Issue #10 : New City Funding



Another beautful day in dCity! Taxes are high but down a little. The bigger news is there have been some recent big investments into dCity.

24,308 SIM was recently added to the dCity bank.

This will allow dCity to build a couple new Apartments and those Gyms and Cinemas we have been wanting to build.



There were some Fires 3 days ago which brought our daily SIM income that day down to 8.


Dang criminals running around doing criminals stuff! Those planed Gyms and Cinemas will come in handy for that.


Taxes must had been high a day ago since the income for the day was only 8 SIM.


Today with taxes being slighly lower and no negative events occuring, dCity brought in 13 SIM.

SIM Power : 2,960.92 SP

Total invested : 46,985 SIM
Received an Apartment as a gift which added 641 SIM to my City Value.
Current City Value : 21,917 SIM a little down since the last dCity digest but these small up and downs are normal.
SIM in Market : 0 SIM
SIM in the bank : 25,156.659 SIM
Invest Value : 47,073.659 SIM with a current value of 54.1347 HIVE
That is 88.659 SIM in the green! 💚💚💚


Income 1,064, 👇down 21 points
Population 1202, 🔻 down 2 points
Popularity 1096, 👇 down 4 points
Education 1126 , 🔻 down 6 points
Creativity 1105, 👇 down 4 points

Daily Ranking Reward 0.0852%, 👇 down 0.0091%


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