dCity Digest Issue #11 : More Housing


It's a beautiful day in dCity...cough cough...excuse us while we deal with this Pandemy. Wash your hands. Cover your damn face. There is a mandatory science is real policy in place in dCity.


dCity saw two new Apartments go up today. And, we got 60 SIM refunded on both bids! A great day indeed. Minus the 36 sick infected people...


14 SIM still isn't bad during a Pandemy.



dCity also invested in its Health Care system. We funde research into Advance Prayer..yeah...I said that. It worked so well with the current Pandemy, lol.


SIM Power : 3,415.9 SP

Total invested : 46,985 SIM
Received an Apartment as a gift which added 641 SIM to my City Value.
Current City Value : 21,979 SIM
SIM in Market : 10,617 SIM
SIM in the bank : 13,723.727 SIM
Invest Value : -665.273 SIM with a current value of -0.6654 HIVE
A bit back in the red, but that tends to happen when their is a flux in the card market.


Income 1,071, 👇down 7 points
Population 1154, ⬆️ up 48 points
Popularity 1099, 👇 down 3 points
Education 1126 , - No Change
Creativity 1105, - No Change

Daily Ranking Reward 0.0831%, 👇 down 0.0021%


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