dCrop Grow Report #10 : Last Harvest of the Season



Wow, its been 25 days since I bought the farm. It feels like...like..26 days...maybe even 26 and a half days. Shit, I say 26 and 3/4s of a day!

There are only 20,286 dCrop Alpha packs left. When I started playing 25 days ago there were over 30,000 packs still available for purchase.

Just like with Splinterlands, a player can purchase cards from the in game market but when there are booster packs available it is wise to grab a few. It's the only way to get Legendary and Epic cards for a decent price while still getting a few other cards at the same time. Each pack has 5 dCrops NFT cards and at least one is a Rare card or better. I have gotten a better than Rare cards in about half my packs so far, but I need to check the actual rate still.

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Spring is almost over and today was my last harvest of the season.






I don't think my rank went up after today's sale, but it still needs to update according to the leaderboard. Or is it just the leaderboard that updates and this info from my screenshot is already updated? I'm not sure. Doesn't matter since I will know when I get my earning sent to me.


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Play dCrops! Start your very own NFT farm and earn shares and CROP tokens.