Where are the PC Gamers?

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Where are the PC Gamers?

What games is everyone playing on PC these days? I've been struggling at getting into a new PC game for quite some time but what I'm hoping to find on Hive is a fellow active gamer!

I'd love to find someone to play PC games with on Hive because then we'll have all sorts of content to discuss about the game! The other benefit, which I've previously wrote about here, is that I think Hive is the perfect landing ground for gamers.

Take a look at the marketing Splinterlands has never had to do to become the #1 DAPP of all current blockchain games that are live. That's incredible and to me shows tremendous value Hive can bring to not just PC gaming, but gaming of all kinds!

Hive is the perfect forum to discuss almost anything and get fully into the details. Players could expand on the story lines of their clans and introduce Hive tokenomics into the game or clan somehow.

The opportunity is boundless and at the very least I hope that my posts about PC games will introduce me to a whole community of gamers I can play with!

Top Games I'm Playing

Here is a quick list of some of the PC games I'm interested in right now....

  1. Runescape
  2. DayZ
  3. Rust
  4. Arc
  5. PUBG

I could get back into any of these games and I feel there is potential in introducing Hive in a new way to all the games. For instance, in PUBG maybe we can make side bets in Hive who gets the most kills in a round. Seems like there are so many creative ways to gamble among your gaming friends with Hive and the tribe coins.

This could even mean there should be a Hive Tribe made just for gaming!

Let's Bring Runescape Back!

So I'm not going to lie, this video is what got me interested in playing Runescape again. The guy talking about the game makes me realize I'm missing out on a game with a huge community still actively playing!

Hivers should focus on Runescape gamers to introduce more PC gamers to Hive!


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I'm still playing Crusader Kings II - new games... who needs that ;)