Sea of Solitude - The conclusion

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In game screenshot

The game just kept getting better


When I left of during the first post about Sea of Solitude, I had just rescued her brother Sunny from his monster form.

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In game screenshot

So this big monster thing is Kay's mom and she starts off by telling you how hard things are and that she is having problems as well. Kay pretty much ignores her at this point and you are supposed to go to the big building off in the distance with the chameleon monster climbing on it.

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In game screenshot

When you get to the building, the game turns into a platform style game and you spend a lot of time climbing up to the top. There are different obstacles you have to maneuver through and time your jumps as you ascend to the top of the building.

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In game screenshot

When you get to the top, the chameleon monster starts spitting fire around and is complaining about the girl monster, so you quickly find out that the male monster is your dad.

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In game screenshot

Your dad ends up throwing a big old fit, shooting fire all over the place and whining about your mom. During the tantrum he breaks the building and it ends up crashing into the water, where you can get to your boat.

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Kay gets her parents together and you have to collects balls of light which trigger memories and her parents argue with each other. Kay realizes that her parents marriage wasn't the greatest and learns all of the different reasons why.

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In game screenshot

During all of the arguing, Kay ends up losing it and tells them to stop fighting so much, but they continue until she falls to the ground and plays dead or something.

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In game screenshot

The playing dead trick ends up working because Kay's parents turn back into normal people and end up getting back together again and just like that, they are happy again.

This is just the short version, but in actuality, there was a lot of dialogue between all of them about how the dad didn't want kids right away and wanted to focus on his career so as he was building up his career, he was neglecting everyone else.

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In game screenshot

The parents join her brother Sunny on their big boat and you have to follow them to an icy area, where they end stopping. So Kay has to get out and explore this area to find out what lies ahead for her.

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In game screenshot

Kay encounters a big white wolf that she ends up realizing is her boyfriend Jack. As she touches him, his face breaks and reveals a block monster underneath.

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In game screenshot

Kay has to grab the broken pieces of his face and when you are holding the pieces, you are able to melt ice walls that block you from progressing through the level. There are floating monsters that try and take the face pieces from you, so you have to be quick while moving and finding your way to the next areas. This part was pretty frustrating at times because the flying monsters would catch you most of the time, unless you took the exact route from one point to another and when they caught you, they stole the piece away and went back to the starting point, so it is a lot of running back and forth trying to find the exact route.

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In game screenshot

Each time you get closer to him, more pieces of white break off revealing the monster underneath. As you are collecting pieces and trying to catch him, you learn that he has been having some issues and Kay keeps saying how she is going to fix him, but you end up learning that he just needs some time and you start to realize that Kay is pushing him away more and more.

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In game screenshot

This part is sort of like a boss fight where you have to keep collecting different pieces of him and burning down ice to collect orbs of light that trigger different memories with him as he explains what is going on.

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In game screenshot

When you "save" Jack from the monsters he says how he needs to work on himself and that Kay also needs to fix the stuff that is going on in her life as well.

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In game screenshot

Now Kay is all alone. But is she really alone??

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Her monster self is there and tells her how they are always going to be together.

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In game screenshot

As Kay follows around the monster version of herself, She begins to realize all of the problems that she has and how unhappy she is.

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In game screenshot

The girl of light from the beginning helps her to realize what she needs to do to feel better and helps her trap the monster version of herself to be eaten by the sea monster that has chased her throughout the whole game.

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In game screenshot

Key and the other girl end up tricking the monster together and it is swallowed up by the sea monster.

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In game screenshot

A cute little baby version of the monster comes out and then they all end up being best friends.

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After a nice group hug of healing, they all lived happily ever after.

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In game screenshot

Kay ends up turning into her normal self and then you swim to an island that has the boat that your family was on. Then the game ends.

Overall a great game


Sea of Solitude was a pretty great game. The story obviously had a lot more to it than what I wrote and was a lot more in depth than this. It is a game about confronting your inner demons and about mental health.

The game is pretty slow moving as it tells the story, and I am sure that some players could become bored with it, but I feel it is a game that you are supposed to feel something while you play, and maybe even do some inner reflection while playing. I have not really had a game cause me to think about things in my own life in the way that this game did.

As someone that just spent a few days in a mental hospital and then getting out and finding this game, I can say that it is a very well crafted game that can raise some different feelings as you play. I really loved the different style of gameplay and the way that the story evolved. It is not a difficult game by any means and can be completed in about 4-5 hours.

This is truly one of those games that I was glad that I finished and I am glad that I found this game when I did.


I wasn't interested in the game before reaching halfway of this article, but wow! This game looks great and full of symbolism (even though I spoiled it on myself by reading this.) Though I agree it might bore some players...

Sea of Solitude reminds me of Never Alone for some reason. (I know they're too different but...)

I've never played Never Alone. I am going to have to look into it. You are right about the game being full of symbolism. There is a lot more to it than I put in the two posts about it.

Looks like a pretty cool game i will have to find this for my son he is more into these games them i am 👍