(Game Review) Astroneer, did you ever wish you were an astronaut?

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Astroneer is a game developed by the house System Era Softworks, is an adventure game and multiplatform Sanbox where our character can go performing missions or meet the objectives you want to follow any order established. Under this premise our game does not have a preestablished history or phases that we must reach, the game concentrates on the constant exploration and the objectives that we must reach. Astroneer presents us with a graphic section that at first sight stands out complemented with many hours of adventures and challenges to fulfill.


Astroneer is a Sanbox Adventure game, with a third person perspective, it presents open worlds which we must go through in order to discover the objectives we must achieve. To go through the different scenarios we will have Buggies, Rovers and in addition to them we can go on foot. The game presents elements of Crafting where we must combine materials to obtain important elements to reach our goals. Our character must use all the available resources in the planets to be able to settle down in them, to achieve this we must obtain raw material and travel through different worlds, our character has limitations with the oxygen so to be able to travel through big scenarios he must create oxygen pipes that keep him alive. Adapting to the game has a high degree of difficulty and some tasks become repetitive.


Astroneer presents a superb visual finish, which, at first, comes to captivate us by its colorfulness, by the meticulous way in which the scenarios have been designed. Its artistic level is a complete work of art, the colors are conjugated in such a way that in spite of being lived and colorful they do not tire our sight, the finish of the characters is neat and the handling of the lights and shades, the illumination of the spaces gives a unique touch to each scene that we discover.


Astroneer's OST stands out for being pleasant at all times, it is an excellent soundtrack, it immerses you fully in the entire space atmosphere, you can go through a CD made by Daft Punk or Van Helis, with some interesting synth sounds with exquisite, enveloping and subtle notes. The background music will be one of our main accompaniments bringing lightness and dynamism to the actions we are doing.


Astroneer, is a game that captivates you with its visuals, although it does not add anything new to the Sandbox genre; it is a fun and entertaining game. The game takes you through a world of constant discovery and growth; however, there are moments where the tasks are repetitive, another point against it is that despite having a fancy graphic section many of the scenarios are empty or lack other characters or objects; despite that Astroneer is a rewarding experience, simple and addictive.

Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
ReleaseFebruary 6, 2019
Genre(s)Sandbox, adventure

Minimum PC Requirements
Operating systemWindows® 10 64bit, 8.1 64bit, 7 64bit
ProcessorCPU X64 Dual Core a 2+ GHz
Memory4 GB de RAM.
GraphicsGPU 1 GB de VRAM
Storage2 GB free disc
Sound Card16 bit stereo, 48KHz WAVE file can be played