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@freakeao editing old posts that didn't get as much curation and reposting them later until they do is very frowned upon. No one is guaranteed rewards on all their publications, hive doesn't work like that. If you are found doing this again we will mute your account on our curation accounts and you will not receive future curation from us. Other accounts and communities can do as they like about the case but I'm sure this will be reported to @hivewatchers as well.

I understand, I accept any call for attention that may be made to me, I did not know that this could be punished, I understand that plagiarism is. Likewise, I accept that I have committed an imprudent act of plagiarism. Thank you for informing me directly and I will take the necessary corrections that you may indicate or request.

It's not really plagiarism but reposting content without making curators aware that it is a repost is frowned upon.

I understand, I will take the necessary actions to correct what has happened, ignorance does not exempt me, however starting in a self-taught way led me to make the mistake. Thank you for the information