Far Cry Primal Gameplay #2 Crafting And Hunting The Predator

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Far Cry Primal is an incredible game with beautiful graphics and textures. It takes you back to 10,000 BCE when there was no technology and the wildlife was so diverse. There were mammoths around at that time and they are looking just elegant and so powerful. Everyone is killing in the game and there are enemies all around. Anyone could kill you during the night when your are sleeping. There are a lot of upgrades that this game has including weapons, clothe, health, speed, controlling animals and a lot more. The whole experience of playing the game is very fulfilling. If you are a nature and wildlife lover then you are going to love this game.
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Far Cry Primal Gameplay on PC in 4k
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
Far Cry Primal in Ultra HD


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