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This time Arkane Studio introduces us to a new part of the fantastic Prey game where science fiction and action And the open world.
In a game that combines mystery and exploration, and a story that combines drama and action, Prey appears to us.
Prey is one of my favorite games where you will find aliens and unusual super weapons in fact I really enjoyed it while playing this game and I wished it didn't End.
I will definitely wait for any other parts of the game.

The story

One of the doctors who is being tested is under a strange attack so that we can contact you, and here the questions begin.
What are these beings? What are these aliens?
You will be surprised a lot in this game, but you will gradually start to understand what is happening around you.
You start to wake up from sleep to find yourself in your home very naturally, you move around the house to find that you have many options to control and then open the computer to find 3 messages from the email.
Here we move to go to the laboratory and here we find the strange situation that we talked about beforehand and begin your conversation with doctors, quickly start your mission.
Initially based on exploration, you will have two indicators, one for life and the other for armor.
You will gradually evolve in the game to take up weapons and start fighting.
You will have what are called noeuromods, which will enter the neurons and give you super power, and this will enable you to carry shields and heavy weapons, and the ability to fight enemies.
You will have the option to use space abilities, but you have to be careful, increasing capabilities to a certain extent will attack you by the protection system and you may enter into Nightmare because you will have to face a space monster.


The graphics here were great, as they are suitable for the type of game, such as a science fiction game, weapons, lighting, shots, electrical additions, and colors that gave us the desired character about a different space world.
Perhaps the best thing is to activate many different items that will enable you to control almost everything you are. There are also computer monitors that you control if you want to play or receive messages.
Despite the graphics of the characters were not the most realistic as in modern games, but excellence remains here on the space side and the characters and super monsters that were designed.


The acoustics were appropriate although they were a special challenge for the game's designers due to their need to create different sounds for weapons or some space characters. But the design team managed it with all force.

Personal opinion

The game will get you excited to discover more places. Arkan has taken care of all the buildings and details in the vicinity of the game to make you feel that you are in an integrated space station.
The game will sometimes try to be a more horror game than an action game which reflects the phasing of the game from exploration to fight.
If you are a fan of exploration and have the ability to be patient, then this game is for you.
In the end, I recommend this game to you if you want to try something unique.

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I love this game. It's one of my favorits