60 Parsecs: Switch Game Review

in Hive Gaminglast year

60 Parsecs is a rogue like survival game with the aesthetics of a hand drawn cartoon. It is set in space, and various planets on which you might land. It's rich art is filled with detail because most of the story and interface is made of words.


The TLDR of the game's premise: You're on a space station with a bunch of others, and something horrific is about to happen. You must quickly collect resources (and some crew mates) - and hurl it all into an escape pod to give yourself the best chance of survival.

You'll need food, resources, and other items to help you survive along the way. Each day, you've got a log to read - a desicion to make, and you can (when unlocked) use the crafting and expedition mechanics to obtain items that enable your continued existence and pursuit of whatever objective the game generates for you.


Each day is a turn in essence, and this is how the game unfolds.

For a rogue like, 60 Parsecs has a few unique mechanics - the most novel being that it tells you a story along the way, unlike other titles in the genre where there's just a premise, and off you go. Here, there's a goal. There's a potential end. It isn't endless - and that's good - because it makes you want to write more stories.

The graphical elements are fantastically designed with each part of the interface designed with clear intent and purpose. The art direction shows a tortured and fragile cruel, who become increasingly gaunt as the horrors of survival etch their way into their bodies and their psyches.


Controls are also completely fine, with no frustration to be found in the way the game works on the Switch Console. The game is also available on PC, and it is a worth while jaunt if you're into rogue-likes, survival games, and watching characters get destroyed by circumstance.