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Twitch Streaming

Ever since I was young, watching YouTube and seeing the Twitch streamers always made me want to do that and thinking I had a chance at it. I know that streaming and recording must be a ton of work and hard, entertaining people daily for hours but it has always attracted me.



Many different problems came up and made me push away from trying, but I think it's time to push through and see what I can make of myself. Before, having bad internet was a huge problem (3-4 megabit download... yeah that bad) in addition to not having a PC/console capable of streaming.

But now it might actually be viable, 20Mbps down and ~10Mbps Up, I spent last night making some overlays and screens to make my Twitch actually look somewhat decent.

Wait how did this come up?

I was talking with my brother in law talking about website design and making some extra money. In short, we ended up talking about streaming and how two of his friends make a decent amount from streaming and had only started around 7 months ago.

This had really kickstarted me into this as I feel like I'm the life of the party (sometimes, as arrogant as it sounds) and some of my friends around me already stream, so why not stream as well. The money isn't everything, but it definitely motivated me into not pushing it off because I need to save everything I possibly can while so young with college and my whole life ahead of me.



My Start

I haven't thought of everything just yet, I kind of threw myself into this but I hope to stream as soon as I have some friends to play with (I'm very shy and self conscious alone). I also need someone to teach me how to use Streamlabs OBS so I can fix any problem that arises as fast as possible.

As for games, I can foresee streaming some Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, Minecraft maybe?, Rocket League and others. I would also like to do some design streams but I am not too sure how soon I'll do those.

Furthermore, I am aware of my bad upload speed and it worried me at first. However, I was suggested a couple things to hopefully allow me to still stream and test the waters. I have used OBS' recommended settings but if that fails, I have a fallback of streaming 720P, lowered audio bitrate and some compression to hopefully make the stream at least watchable 🤞.

Streaming Resources

As I said previous, I spent last night making some graphics for BRB/Starting soon/etc. so that my stream doesn't look completely rushed. But as I'm making it for myself, they look trash, I make an idea in my head and I can never make it as good so I settled with what my friends said look good. I will probably update them all the time as I do that with everything in my life, one hobby/look to another constantly.

Nonetheless, here are all the assets I made.

I don't know if its because I'm not partnered or anything, but I cannot seem to add the link-blocks to the bottom part of my stream. I'm not too worried about it just yet but I swear I was able to do it before. Not a plug as I don't know how this will turn out, but if you want to check me out, I'll be here. (18) I will be cussing a ton, so keep that in mind if you catch me streaming at some point.

Sorry if this was a bit everywhere, its one of my "Start of the week" rambles that I try not to post as its.. well, everywhere lol

But anyway, thank you for reading and until next time...

Wasn't sure if this qualified as gaming content, but chose to put it here as my streaming will be gaming, I will delete post if needed. Thank you.



I'll see if I can catch you online. You should def add a link to your hive blog on there as well!

Oooh good idea! Completely forgot to do that.

I also have plans to upload full VODs to DTube (Since I can't edit for the life of me) and start buzzing on D.Buzz. Just not sure yet what all the guidelines and unwritten rules of them are.

Cool. I have no idea about how D.Buzz or DTube works. I've been uploading my videos to 3Speak which is Hive based as well. Works pretty well.

Okay, haven't heard too much about 3Speak but I might try that too, I think I'll get flagged for cross posting but ill worry about it then.

Thank you for the advice!

What is the problem you are having with OBS? I have used it to do some streaming on DLive when that was still on HIVE and I use it for meetings when they are required to be streamed to YouTube. Getting audio right was always a bit tricky, but I think I figured it out a little bit.

Uhhh good question, I was having a ton of problems with OBS and the Streamlabs version. To begin, my system wasn't even close to 75% util on anything, but I was dropping 99% of my frames. Even when recording, it would do the same thing. It would freeze and stutter badly until my GPU runs 100% for a split second and frames would stabilize. This was back with my Ryzen 5 2600 and RX 570 GPU.

Ah, okay. I wasn't doing anything with much action besides people talking, so I might not be able to help with that issue after all. Are you running the game in a window or full screen?

It's okay! thank you for inquiring to try and help me.

I always play every game in windowed borderless. I had dropped the bitrate of the whole stream down to nothing and that didn't help either. I just hope the new parts are gonna make this work perfectly 🤞

Good luck with that!

im following =)

if you want to playsome warzone let me know ! still i am not sure if im able to play with you since im from south america. =;/

good luck on your journey !!!

Thank you so much!!

Yeah I would totally be down for that (fair warning, that's the game that gets toxic af because I'm bad lol)

I'm sure we could make something work :)

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