Stranger Things 3 Chapter 5 - Hospital Brawl

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Hello everyone!


I finaly completed Stranger Things 3 Chapter 4 after an epic fight with Bill the pool boy and I couldn't Chapter 5 couldn't have started with a better 1st quest!

About Today's Quest

After fighting Billy I discovered that his infection was the same like Mrs. Driscoll's, an old lady I run some erands for at Chapter 3!
Mrs Driscoll was hospitalized so I rushed to the hospital to find her and make sure that she won't attack any civilian!
What happened?

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@knowhow92, In near future Gaming Industry will going to rule our lives because in my opinion this is the time for Virtual Reality World. Enjoy your time ahead and stay blessed.

I think you are right @chireerocks but let's hope that this changes life for the better (I highly doupt it though)!.
Have fun and #Hive on my friend

Thank you and have a pleasant time ahead.

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