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I recommend turning of the lights


For a moment I thought that I would not participate, I had no ideas in mind and the truth is that I am not an expert in design, yet today I bring you my little design.

I was thinking a lot to the point of remembering the old coins that were needed to play in some of the various arcade machines.

I remember that when I was a child these coins were not cheap in my city, in fact, being able to go to these recreational centers was a luxury. With a couple of coins I could only enjoy a couple of machines and in half an hour I had no more left. In order to get them I had to beg my father, after that I would go to the tetris machine where if I reached a certain amount of points, I could double the amount of coins I had invested. Thanks to that great machine I was able to enjoy a little more games and I could also exchange the coins for small gifts and candy. So my design is based on those little coins.

I honestly don't think I have a chance of winning, but I want to participate. The truth is that thanks to this I was able to remember many beautiful things that I have lived and on top of that I was able to practice several hours in Photoshop and I was able to learn several things that I did not know.

I want to thank very much @ybanezkim26 who helped me with several tips about the design. I couldn't decide on the colors, in fact, the first coin I designed was gold and not blue, but because gold coins are very common, I decided to make it blue. In addition to the color, I wanted to add small details, which although they might not be appreciated, I was looking forward to placing them, such as the reference to Pac-Man and the joysticks.

Finally I tried to design a kind of "gaming bee" that went in the center of the coin, but it went pretty bad, so I chose to use the Hive logo. Something I also wanted to add was a slightly more modern font, since the retro style letters, totally square or rounded, honestly didn't fit very well with the design.

The badge:


With this I want to end by thanking the community who has given me incredible support since my beginnings. Thanks.



Recomiendo apagar las luces.



Por un momento creí que no concursaría, no tenía ninguna idea en mente y la verdad es que no soy un experto diseñando, aún así, el día de hoy les traigo mi pequeño diseño.

Estuve pensando mucho hasta el punto de recordar las viejas monedas que se necesitaban para jugar en alguna de las varias máquinas arcade.

Recuerdo que cuando era niño estas monedas no eran nadas baratas en mi ciudad, de hecho, poder ir a estos centros recreativos era un lujo. Con un par de monedas solo podía disfrutar de un par de máquinas y en media hora ya no me quedaban más. Para poder obtenerlas tenía que rogarle a mi padre, luego de eso me iba a la maquina del tetris en donde si alcanzaba cierta cantidad de puntos, podía duplicar la cantidad de monedas que había invertido. Gracias a esa gran máquina pude disfrutar un poco más de varios juegos y también pude cambiar las monedas por pequeños regalos y dulces. Así que mi diseño se basa en esas pequeñas monedas.

Sinceramente no creo tener oportunidad de ganar, pero quiero participar. La verdad es que gracias a esto pude recordar muchas cosas bonitas que he vivido y además de eso pude practicar varias horas en Photoshop y pude aprender varias cosas que no sabía.

Quiero darle muchas gracias a @ybanezkim26 quien me ayudó con varios consejos acerca del diseño. No me decidía por los colores, de hecho, la primera moneda que diseñé era dorada y no azul, pero debido a que las monedas doradas son muy comunes, decidí hacerla de color azul. Además del color, quise añadir pequeños detalles, que aunque posiblemente no se vayan a apreciar, me hacía ilusión colocarlos, como la referencia hacia Pac-Man y los mandos.


Por último intenté diseñar una especie de "abeja gaming" que iba en el centro de la moneda, pero salió bastante mal, así que opté por utilizar el logo de Hive. Algo que también quise añadirle fue una fuente de letra un poco más moderna ya que las letras al estilo retro, totalmente cuadradas o redondeadas, sinceramente no quedaban muy bien con el diseño.

La medalla:



Con esto quiero terminar agradeciendo a la comunidad quien desde mis inicios me ha prestado un increíble apoyo. Gracias.


Nice clean design. I love the color and enjoy how you included Pac-Man and the ghost

Thank you very much. It took me a few hours to do it, but anyone else with design knowledge would have done it in 5 minutes, maybe even less. I'm glad you liked it.

@ybanezkim26 does have an eye for great designs. Whether he admits it or not. Lol.

The color choice would indeed make you coin standout. It's cool that you added pieces of your youth on your design.

Good luck with the contest. 😊

Who's @ybanezkim? That username doesn't exist. 😂

Clearly, you have the humor too. Lol. Edited already. Haha

You were asking for tips from someone who doesn't even know about design. 😂
Cool outcome tho. You're paying homage to your childhood memories.

You are the user with the most beautiful, well organized and designed posts I have ever seen. Of course you know about design and your opinion is worth a lot. 😎

Awweee! Thank you! 🥰🥰🥰
This is too much! You're giving me too much credit than I actually deserve. 😄

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