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Let's watch me swing as spiderman and finish another mission that I've successfully finished and uploaded the gameplay in YouTube.

Mission Overview: MJ's searching for Charles Standish in Sable's center park base. Need to make sure she's safe.

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So yes, MJ's messed it up again. What to say? Women!!! 😄

After doing the hack in Osborn's office, Peter understood that Devil's Breath wasn't designed to be a weapon but its a treatment for genetic disorders. So Peter was reporting to MJ about that and also said that they need to locate Dr. Michaels. MJ replied that she has a lead on Charles Standish being held at Sable's Central Park compound and MJ was referring if anyone would know Michael's location then it'd be Osborn's CFO who is this Charles Standish.

MJ was actually at the Sable compound trying to reach out Charles Standish sneaking the guards.

Screenshot (1).png

Thinking MJ might get into trouble, I started swinging towards the Central Park fast to save her. And it looked like MJ was already captured by someone inside that tent.

Screenshot (2).png

Lets go 15 minutes earlier where I get to play as MJ. I mean why me? Why do I need to do the dirty work of MJ? LOL.

Screenshot (3).png

So this is the moment when MJ hanged up the phone saying, "I gotta go, Partner". But wait a second, that's not 15 minutes. It took me 2-3 minutes to reach MJ after hanging the phone up. Well, Let's see what happens next.

Screenshot (4).png

So my main quest as MJ was to infiltrate Sable Base and its time to see if these lures Pete game MJ works or not.

Screenshot (6).png

I used that device to lure guards to another place so I can get a way forward. And yes it works perfectly.

Screenshot (7).png

After sneaking through by luring guards, I've found this monitor where I had to take picture for evidence and I took a picture placing that monitor in the frame.

Now I needed to find Charles Standish.

Screenshot (8).png

Screenshot (9).png

And there is Charles Standish walked into a tent and MJ wished to get into that tent to meet him when almost the whole area was crowded with guards.

Screenshot (10).png

Screenshot (11).png

I kept moving forward silently using anything I could to lure the guards.

Screenshot (12).png

I even used this van as a cover and it was really risky although real peoples in real world would already notice MJ.

Screenshot (13).png

Then I got another monitor to take a picture and after did that, I kept moving and at a point I was spotted. Then I restarted from the checkpoint and I wasn't spotted the second time although the last phase was really hard.

Screenshot (14).png

Screenshot (15).png

And there I was, in the tent with Charles Standish.
MJ asked Charles about the whereabouts of Dr. Morgan Michaels and Standish thought Li sent MJ.

Screenshot (16).png

Screenshot (17).png

Then Standish pointed a gun towards MJ and said, "If he (Li) wants to kill me, tell him to kill me himself".

Screenshot (18).png

Then MJ replied that she's not with the Demons nor with the Sable. She introduced her as a reporter from the press and even showed her card.

Screenshot (19).png

It looks like Standish recognized MJ as a reporter so he told her that Sable has Michaels in the Bowery and they're moving him to a new safehouse the next day at noon.

Screenshot (20).png

Screenshot (21).png

And when MJ was getting more intel, Spiderman broke thought the tent to save MJ thinking she's in danger and Standish fell and went unconscious.

Screenshot (22).png

Hearing the noise, Sable agents were coming to the tent so Spiderman escaped the place taking MJ.

Screenshot (23).png

And the Sable agents has found Standish on the floor while Spiderman and MJ were already gone.

Screenshot (24).png

Spiderman then left MJ at her place and it looks like she was mad as she couldn't get all the intel she was about to get and now I agree that Spiderman was really uninvited to this quest.

Screenshot (25).png

The Event was completed and I earned 3000 XP..
Then I stopped playing for the time being.

That's all for now.
I'll swing again soon.

Be safe till we meet again.
Au revoir/Goodbye.


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