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RE: Thoughts about the newest Humble Drop and Historical Listing (up to September 2020)

in Hive Gaming2 months ago

Holy shit @bengy, a lot of work went into this post (enjoy my $0.001 full upvote)!

The humble bundle is great though. Got a one month for my son last December for his birthday and he loved it. I still play the grip racing game when he let's me have a turn :)
Though most of his gaming time is spent on Fall Guys at the moment, I can tell by the yelling coming from behind his door. Haahahahah!
I may have to get him a three month subscription this year...


Ha... hopefully with the template saved, it will be less work each time!

Great that you got a month of the Bundle drop! It's pretty amazing the amount of value that is crammed in there, and some months, if you are lucky, there are some pretty amazing drops!

Thanks for the additional bonus!