Nuking enemies in the Command & Conquer Remastered Edition

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The remastered version of Command & Conquer

Recently they released the remastered version of the old Command & Conquer and Red Alert, on Steam which includes the 3 expansions, adding a lot more gameplay for you to enjoy, it was done by the original team as well, showing how much faith you can put into buying this by having it be basically the same as the original. The only difference is the graphics quality is done for what we are more used to these days, with the same look and feel as the original like if you were to go back, playing that once more.

After I saw a streamer play a few missions, I bought it myself because for $29.95AUD (roughly $20.59USD) it was well worth the buy after so many years since I last played it, maybe 15 years, then to experience the amazing joy I always got on Command & Conquer and Red Alert as a kid, for there to be multiplayer in case I go to face off against other people, map editor, mods are apparently possible, having the option to change between new and old graphics (though the old graphics would take a lot of getting used to again) and the options allowing original or remastered sounds and such as well.

You will see me playing a skirmish against 3 medium AI opponents, with it being a free for all. I get used to the game as I play while nuking my enemies multiple times throughout, causing that destruction and chaos I enjoyed when I played back in the day. Watch and see how the game is to decide for yourself, if you would like to buy it but it is an amazing remaster of an amazing game!

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So awesome! Lots of remasters these days but this game is right up with the best of the classics!

It's so good to see remasters being done well and bringing back the classics! Saves having to go get the old retro versions as well.

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