TheGoliathhh's Totally Reliable Delivery Service

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A funny game to play but fun

Welcome to Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a game where you try your best to quickly delivery packages using whatever transport you can, in the best quality the package can get there in. It is a hilarious game which purposely makes movement wonky and silly, you can flip vehicles and play badly and you get a good laugh out of the failures you have (like my 29% quality package in this one.

Your character needs to use the lever for a package to come out before you put it onto a vehicle or run with it with one or two hands, then trying to get to the location quickly as you learn to drive in this gem of a game. Oh you will see why quick driving can be bad for you and the package! This would be a lot of fun with friends for sure and if you add in drinking or are at a party, everyone can piss themselves laughing at what happens.

Needless to say, I don't think many people would want to use me as a delivery service, at least until I have had better training for my role in the company.

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Looks so fun and yet so incredibly frustrating at the same time!

Definitely fun, most likely frustrating the longer you play haha!