You want to fall asleep in Lillia's arms

in Hive Gaming2 months ago


Despite having more than ten years behind them, League League of Legends continues to expand its huge roster of heroes with new additions. The next to join the battles of this MOBA will be Lillia, a new jungle that has just been presented by Riot Games.

The story of this champion tells us that the magic tree of Ionia collects dreams in its flowers and when they bloom they disperse in the form of magic to feed the forest that surrounds it. One night the tree had a dream and that caused a cocoon to fall that ended up becoming Lillia.

It is a kind of fawn that is designed to be weak against jungle invasions when the battle begins, but it has a high movement speed to escape and then return stronger to its opponents. For example, she has a passive ability that applies Dust of Dreams to deal part of her opponent's maximum life as magic damage.

As for her basic abilities, they will be the following: Blooming Strikes, with which she will shake a branch in the air to cause magic damage and true damage if the others are outside the attack area; Watch out! Jeep! what it will do is that Lillia will hit her enemies with her branch; and her third attack will be Rolling Seed, with which she will throw a seed at her opponents to slow them down for a while, but if she fails to launch it, she will continue to roll until she hits someone or something.

In regards to her ultimate ability she will be Rhythmic Nana. As its own name indicates, Lillia will sing a lullaby with which the enemies that are affected will gradually slow down their movements until they fall asleep. If they take damage, when they wake up they take additional magic damage, so this new champion seems more dangerous than she looks.

At the moment Lillia is only available on the test server, while those who want to try it in the official game will have to wait until League of Legends is updated to version 10.15.